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How do I stop being nervous for the first day of work? ?

I got a new job I’m kind of excited for. It’s a promotions assistant job for a radio station. I start not this Tuesday, but the next Tuesday. Right now, I have so much anxiety. I am questioning whether or not I am a good fit for the job. I question why they even hired me in the first place because while I meet all of the job requirements, my anxiety tells me I do not fit in. How do I get over this? I know being nervous for the first day is normal, but this isn’t normal. I’m genuinely debating whether or not I should quit before I even start. 

The thing is, the pay is nice and I feel like if I don’t take this job, I’ll regret it at the end of my life. But I am just really scared and anxious and afraid. I don’t know how to gain confidence before next Tuesday 

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    Faith is the antidote to fear. Pray to the God of your own understanding. Know that your higher power has your back. Trust that things will work out. Maintain a positive attitude. Relax. You can do this.

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    Relax. It sounds like a very cool job! You'll meet tons of interesting people and who knows where it could lead. You have a whole week to prepare yourself. Good luck.

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    They won't expect you to be great on the first day. 

    A very simple thing - always respond to moments of stress by slowing you breathing. Calming down lets you think clearly. 

    Actors talk about the excitement of opening night in the theater. One man's fear is another man's excitement. 

    Treatments for anxiety range from therapy and medication to stress management. Don't overlook stress management, which can help even with very bad anxiety.

    Lots of stress management here -

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    Just get through it the best you can 

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