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Which branch of the military has the BIGGEST NUMBER of airplanes as well as HIGHEST PERCENTAGE of pilots (or planes per person)?

My cousin wants to be a pilot in the military.

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    The AIR FORCE doesn't accept people that make MORONS look like MESA candidates.

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    Having been in the Navy, Air Force and Army National Guard, all having aircraft, the choice of branch to fly in would depend if you want to be a Pilot, Damn Good Pilot or, a crazy Pilot. The Air Force has Pilots, the Naval (and Marine) Aviator  is a Damn Good Pilot, the Army Helicopter Pilots are good but sometimes they are absolutely Bat S--- crazy with some of the things they do in combat areas. Crazy but truly BRAVE and good.

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    You do not have to fly a PLANE to be a pilot.   You can also be a pilot if you fly a copter or a drone.   His chances of getting to fly something is higher in the Army and most likely it would be a copter.   If he tries the USAF he may find he flies drones.    He needs to get into college,  do ROTC and get good grades,  stay out of trouble and then when he graduates he can try for pilot training.   I would go Air Force or Navy ROTC.  

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    the air force by far

    the air force has more aircraft than the other services combined

    I have no idesa where people think the army has so many helicopters

    the army has around 3200 helicopter total

    the air force has like 13000 aircraft

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    2 months ago

    That would be the Air Force of course.

  • Mrsjvb
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    2 months ago

    Aircraft total is Army.. mostly rotary wing.  It’s also the only branch that does not require a degree to fly them under WOFT .  

    The Air Force has the most drone pilots.  Degree is required.

    Best chance at an Aviation slot for fixed wing in any Branch is the Academies.  Graduate in the top 5% then hope to hell to get a slot and then make it through the initial pipeline and be allowed to choose your platform.  Pointy ended fast movers is the hardest one to get.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Air Force.     

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