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Kidney disease?

So i had a gallbladder removal surgery back in July and after i was discharged, my knees gave out and i fell backwards. I couldnt walk since and it wasnt until 3 months later they found out i had edema in my anyways since july i still have to use a bedpan and so usually when im done using the bedpan, i pour my urine in my bedside commode. Yesterday i forgot to empty it in my bathroom toilet so it was pretty much exposed to air over night and today when i went to empty there was so much foam in the urine. I dont know if it was because it was left out over night and exposed to air (which I’m hoping is the case) but yeah I just went to the bathroom now on my bedpan and dont see any bubbles but my urine is still kind of dark. I have gastrointestinal problems ibs-c and obviously no gallbladder. For ibs c i have to take milk of magnesia every week which dehydrates the crap out of me but i try to drink water but honestly im really not drinking enough at all. Anyways getting to my final sentence is this kidney disease? Im scared please help mother died in 2007 from kidney failure and she had lupus i have hypothyroidism hashimoto and am 25 never had any issues with my kidneys and drank water mostly not alot but i dont drink soda and juices too much. I had a bv back in august which i took antibiotics for but ever since then ive been urinating fine no problems except for the dark color and now the foam that was left overnight from yesterday. Please help? pic down 👇🏼

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  • Rick B
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    2 months ago

    No idea.  We can't tell what your creatinine is from your post.  That is what labs are for.  You state that you have not been drinking much so of course your urine will be dark and concentrated.

    IF you are concerned, go get labs drawn.

    I see nothing at all unusual about the urine in the picture.

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