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Can you see someone’s credit card on PayPal?

I will try and keep this short. I got scammed by somebody. I followed this YouTube I like on Instagram, and their Instagram was active and looked so legit for thousands of people. It what everybody fooled. So then, they put up a front and seeing how they associated with their fans so often and personally, a lot of people thought it was them. It wasn’t. They made a fake PayPal and everything got money out of myself along with several others before destroying the Instagram account. I’m bothered that they got a small amount out of me, but what I’m asking is can they get my credit card information?


This was in a debit card, my bad.

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    If it was not the real Paypal then, yes, they have your credit card info.

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    2 months ago

    Answer is no, but that doesn't mean hackers can't break into central databases. Credit cards and debit cards are NOT the same either, unless the issuing bank offers extra customer protection on debit card use.

    There are things you are leaving out about information you provided online. If there were fraudulent charges, you contact the account manager as Paypal, bank, or wherever and have the charge reversed/disputed and change passwords and bank cards to new numbers. In the last few years, I've received new account numbers a few times, just on suspected issues, with one real one that used a paper check I handed someone. Normally, you only change accounts directly affected, and monitor all of your accounts online.

    If Paypal was scammed, change that account. 

    Credit cards allow you to see transactions online before they even post as confirmed. My bank stopped my debit card based only a bank ATM issue. They watch for possible fraud because they take the money hit. 

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