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Is my breeder a backyard breeder?

Just for fun i guess, i'm bored at work!

we got a pup from a co-worker..long story but i have the dog now...

****** is CKC registered and sire is AKC...they said i could go AKC possibly..(i dont care about that part as much, its just a pet for us).   Pups were kept in pristine conditions, vet checked, healthy, dewormed...etc.  

They had some tests done prior to breeding..and the sire is a working dog.

BUT the only reason they bred the dog is because they wanted to breed their ******..they have done it twice and it was kinda on a whim...they both work and are not really breeders, just have pet dogs..

would you consider this a backyard breeder? i'm kinda leaning that way...


no i agree, i do think they did some genetic testing, i need to look at all the paperwork, but the rest i'm right there with you

Update 2:

OK BYB they are, i did get all the vet papers and registration papers on the parents and such and a form to get the pup registered.

i wasnt really looking to get a pup from them, just kinda fell into it. But so far he is healthy and definitely will never breed just a pet dog for all intense purposes...

and yes they kept a pup from a previous litter and one from this one and they are spaying the ***** now...they dont want her to be bred again....

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    Yes, I agree with Nekkid Truth.  CKC is a junk registry  - that will "register" or make papers for anything - even pet rocks.  It is a JOKE (it an organization that cropped up - for PUPPY MILLS) when AKC started doing kennel inspections AND requiring microchips on frequently used stud dogs.  

    AKC will not accept anything registered by CKC - as valid.  If these sellers suggested OTHERWISE - they LIED or are STUPID.  Anyone producing unregistered dogs is a BYB.

    Unless they actually SHOWED you proof of CERTIFIED screening on the parents to prove they did not have inherited disorders or diseases with the each parent dog's registration ON IT, saying it was supposedly done is WORTHLESS.  Anyone can TYPE out all sorts of stuff on a computer.  

    But health REGISTRIES like OFA: (for hips, elbows and thyroid) or CERF (eyes) require you to go to their website & you must put in the parent dog's name & registration number unless you SAW an EMBOSSED certificate with a number you can double--check..  And why, if  they were "reputable" were you not given COPIES of all proof of health on the parents?  I have gotten such on every single puppy I have ever bought  -more than 10 such pups in 40 years.

    Were you even given a SIGNED letter from their vet SAYING your puppy was checked right before the sale (with date) and was DEEMED HEALTHY AT THE TIME OF SALE???  All my breeders did this or took me WITH THEM when they took the litter to the vet at 7 weeks for SAID health exam.  And did the puppies have proof of worming every 2 weeks from age 2- weeks to 8 weeks, and were they started on shots BEFORE you took your home?  And were you given any proof of this to give YOUR vet?

    Did EITHER of the parents have any titles on them to prove they were WORTHY of being bred or could actually do any type or work (CORRECTLY or WELL enough).  Were they at least TEMPERAMENT tested?  Let me guess - a lot of "Noooooos".

    Heck no, they are NOT reputable or ethical and yes, they ARE BYB. 

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    Yes they are BYBs

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    I'd suggest not, but getting close to that - reputable breeders usually don't breed unless they want something for themselves - their next generation.   If they don't keep anything from their litters, they are pretty much BYBs regardless of the conditions.  IMO

    Vesch.... the CKC could be the CANADIAN KC which is a legitimate Kennel Club in Canada.

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    As long as their living space is clean, the dogs are healthy/vet checked,  not over bred, I would say no! And if they treat their dogs as pets or like their own kids, no! I breed chihuahuas and I asked my vet what is a BYB and they said all that! So no they are not BYBers, ask a vet! Also if they are UTD on ALL shots/vaccines

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     Yes your co workers are B.y.b´s.

    And as for the C.K.C.

    They are a standing joke..... ( Yes; Also even here in Europe ! )

    As for the A.K.C.

    As far as they are concerned. They are completely the flip side of the coin...

    A well respected Genuine kennel club.

    That have the good sense to completely reject anything whatsoever to do with the C.K.C.

    If you ever want a Warthog egg registered 

    ...... Go to the C.K. C. ( Money in hand of course...) And you will be well and truly accommodated for...

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    If you're breeding from your dogs they are not just pets. Did they keep any of the pups themselves? Have they got any interest in the breed? Like do they show the dogs or belong to any breed clubs? If not I am going to say they are BYB's who realised they could make a bit of money.

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    CKC is a joke, always has been.  No, only AKC parents can produce AKC puppies.  It's not mix and match.  What tests were done before breeding?  Yes, breeding on a "whim" is both backyard breeders and really foolish or stupid people.

    I have NO idea why genetic testing would have been done and THEN an AKC and a CKC allowed to breed.  Makes no sense.

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    Yes they are a byb.   Ckc is a garbage registry.   The pups are NOT eligible for AKC.   The fact that your breeder doesnt know this speaks volumes.

    "Vet checked" means NOTHING.   No mention of OFA, CERF, BAER, PennHip, Optigen or any actual genetic testing is a red flag.Good breeders also only breed because they expect yo get show or working dogs out of the litter..  Not because they "wanted to breed the b*tch"...    Even good breeders have dogs that spend the money on showing and testing to decide to NOT breed because the dog doesnt have anything to offer future generations

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