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Why cricket is so much popular in Indi?    ?


Why cricket is so much popular in india?   

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    Because it is the most complex outdoor game having its rule-book running into over 100 clauses covering even situations like stoppages due to rain or bad light or dangerous pitch etc.

    Indians enjoy complexity and debates arising therefrom!! 

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    Because Indian people love cricket very much ...

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    Cricket is so much popular in India because of money

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    Cricket is the most well known game in India and some would even consider it to be a religion in the nation rather than a game. When there's a major cricket coordinate, everyone will appear to stop what they're doing and simply center around the game.

    You'll likewise observe numerous kids play ravine cricket in the city. It's just something that joins the Indians like nothing else on the planet. There are simply numerous reasons why Indians cherish and appreciate cricket such a huge amount of, and here are a portion of those.

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  • 2 months ago

    cricket is the most popular game in India.

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    Cricket brings happiness to Indian people. 

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    There are alot of people and the people have got nothing else to do

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    Cricket today is a Religion in India. Love toward any sport is evident by a country's participation, and we can see it in crowd form. Cricket is undoubtedly the most admired sport in India. Cricket is almost played in every street of India. People who do not play cricket keep their fond of watching a cricket match.

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    The story of cricket in India is very similar to that of baseball in Japan.  Baseball was brought to Japan by American sailors and merchants. Cricket was introduced to India by the British during their long period of influence over the region.

    Like the Japanese, Indians are crazy about sport, especially those that emphasize teamwork and skilled play over raw physicality.  Both sports became highly popular because each was "in tune" with the adoptive nation's "team" culture.

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    3 months ago

    No idea! i can't make head or tail. Some friends say they stop everything to watch the game in India.

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