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Ebay return?

Hi, bit of an odd one. I purchased a game from a seller. I want a full refund, seller said it is due to how he cleaned the disc so he knows it is his fault. Game doesn't work. I might add it was listed as like new. 

My understanding is that he accepts the refund, I then get sent return details, send, the seller then refunds amount once received and postage I paid to paid when sending back.However, he has offered a partial refund, he is saying this is for the postage to send back, he then wants me to send the game to his address thereafter, and he will refund the rest after. I think this is wrong as in ebay's eyes I have accepted a partial refund only? He has said he don't want to accept a full refund as he will have to print an eBay label which will cost him more than game is worth (game only £5)and if he hit refund, it will automatically refund? Surely I can just send once he accepts and he doesn't have to pay for a printing label or refund immediately? Bit confused of what to do here? Any advice please? 

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    You pay for return postage.  That's how it's generally done. 

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    Do not accept a partial refund. He owes you a prepaid label AND a full refund once he gets it back.

    If he does not want it back he only owes you a full refund right away.

    a partial refund does not save him anything.

    Is he confused or trying to cheat you?  Open a case and let ebay sort it out.  But a case takes time as ebay moves very slowly giving the other party plenty of time before it does anything.

    Jewel Littlenuts is 100% WRONG.

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    Just open a case and check the box not as described this game does not work they'll open a return they'll give you a return label and you ship it back and you'll get your money back through PayPal it's very easy

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