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A mixture of gases contains 0.310 mol CH4, 0.240 mol C2H6, and 0.300 mol C3H8. The total pressure is 1.35 atm.  ?

 Calculate the partial pressures of the gases.

a) CH4




(b) C2H6




(c) C3H8



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    The partial pressures are proportional to the moles.

    Note that the total number of moles is 0.85.

    The partial pressures are (0.31/0.85)*(1.35 atm) for CH4,

    (0.24/0.85)*(1.35 atm) for C2H6, 

    and (0.30/0.85)*(1.35 atm) for C3H8.

    Use a calculator to finish...

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