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What to do in the mean time.?

My son’s father lives with a girlfriend in her grandmother’s house. He was seeing him but it was reduced to just day visits because he lies about where hes taking him etc. We had agreed to a day visit and he called me last minuet and told me he was staying overnight there. After that I sent in a petition. I just feel like if your doing things without court there needs to be good communication and trust and we don’t have that. Court date is not until January 13th. Im not sure what to do in the mean time. I just get scared that he’s  gonna do whatever he wants and not bring him back. Im not sure how to do visits until we have a court order. I also cant get a hold of my lawyer to ask her what I should do. 

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    Then go to your Lawyers office or get another Lawyer. To be fair, he's not going to harm his son is he, he's just being a pain.

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