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If you went to a ★★★ restaurant and the restroom was filthy would you ever return?

Not a chain place, but a good place. A place where dinner for two will set you back $100-125 before the bar tab. With two cocktails, I just spent $125. The trash was overflowing. There was a bad odor. It was obviously poorly cleaned. I generally will not go to a chain or ★★ place and expect perfection. This is supposed to be very close to fine dining. Maybe they are having a bad day, but with COVID getting worse every day, I don't eat out often. When I do it has to be better than average, particularly in terms of cleanliness. Several years ago, I went to a chain. It smelled of filthy carpet and grease traps/drains not well maintained. I walked out immediately.

Am I too picky?

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    That's the first thing I do after being seated. If the restroom isn't clean, neither is the kitchen. If it's not clean, I (including party) leave. Why pay $125 for garbage?

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    That is the first thing I do at a new restaurant. I assume that if they don't keep the bathroom clean, the kitchen is just as bad.  I went to one restaurant and I saw cobwebs in the corners of the bathroom.  I "noped" right out. 

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    I would never go to a 3 star restaurant 

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    2 months ago

    I usually check out the Toilets before Ordering dirty Toilets means Low standards in the Kitchen

    and anything related to Ramsey is a No

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    I  only go into a restaurant if i'm looking to get Covid only morons go in them so no maybe in 2022 i will .

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    I don't know--it depends on why the bathroom isn't "clean" and what that means, relative to your own standards. No public restroom is CLEAN. But "dirty" means different things to different people. You can always report a filthy bathroom to restaurant staff. 

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    I would ask to speak to the manager immediately. Then I would expect to see staff spring into action.

    I would come back once more a few days later, and visit the restroom as soon as possible. If it wasn't perfectly clean then, I would call for the manager again and tell him I would not be staying, nor would I be coming back.

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    A bathroom smelled bad? How. . . . unexpected.

    No. I would still go to the restaurant, but I would just avoid the bathroom. It could mean that they don't have enough help, don't have a janitor, or that they are very busy in the kitchen, and have no one to take time out to clean the bathroom. I also don't think it reflects what's going on in the kitchen. 

    I don't think it's wrong for you to do what you feel comfortable with. If you have certain standards, then you should go with it. There's no right or wrong in this case. 

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    I may come back if the food was good I just wouldn't use the bathroom

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    To be honest, I rarely ever go to a restaurant and if I did, I would never use the public washroom. 

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