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How often should I do a water change on a 5-gallon Betta tank that has a 10-gallon filter?

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    The filter has nothing to do with it, most people can get by with "murder" with Betta's because they are Nitrate tolerant, compared to other fish, but 2 1/2 gallons should be changed out every 2 my opinion. I'm doing it for sure if I buy  a "dragon king crown beta" or a "butterfly beta".

  • 2 months ago

    Filters suck dirty stuff into them.  the dirty stuff is now out of sight, but it is still in the water, in the tank, in the fishes gills/ eyes/ scales.  So you have to clean the tank , 25-35% once a week.  or more if the nitrates are climbing over 30 ppm.  

    If your fish is avoiding the area near the filter, you can baffle the filter.  If it is a change on the back filter, simply tie a chemical-free sponge, or kids craft foam in front of the inflowing water. 

  • 2 months ago

    Just as often as you would with a 5 gallon filter. The purpose of a filter is to house beneficial bacteria that gets rid of ammonia and nitrites which are harmful to fish and to remove some debris. What it does not do is get rid of nitrates. These are what the ammonia and nitrites are turned into. Its less toxic but still toxic if it builds up over 40 ppm. You need to do water changes to keep that number under 40. Live plants will eat nitrates so you can get away with less frequent water changes but live plants also add more work so it may not be worth it if low maintenance is your goal. 

    If the filter is putting out too strong of a flow you need to get a different one. Do not forgo the filter altogether.

    Its false that the more water changes you do the less healthy the betta. Regular water changes are good for the fish. What you don't want to do is thoroughly clean out the filter and decorations because this will kill off beneficial bacteria and the nitrogen cycle will be broken. 

  • PR
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    2 months ago

    Bettas do not like that sort of current. In the wild, they live in ponds and pools of water that are very quiet. Any strong current will upset the fish. Keep the fish in a tank with no gravel on the bottom. Use only a very mild filter, or no filter at all. Siphon water from the bottom only once per week, and no more. We did not even clean this often and our Bettas lived a very long time. The main consideration is dirt getting under the gravel. As long as there is no gravel on the bottom, you will not have this concern. 

    Bettas DO NOT like pristine water. The more water changes you do, the less healthy your Betta will be. Feed ONLY as much FROZEN BRINE SHRIMP as your fish can eat while you are watching. No food should be floating about or sifting to the bottom or under gravel.

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  • Raven
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    2 months ago

    First, please make sure that filter isn't putting out too strong a current for your betta to handle. Bettas come from still water, and too much current is very stressful for the fish. Anyway, no matter how big your filter is, you still need to do weekly water changes on your tank. There is no getting around that.

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