I have a 1.72 GPA. If I get an A in a 3 credit class, can I raise it to a 2.0?

This is the last class I need to take to get a minor in English. I have taken all the other required classes, but my GPA in English is not high enough. (My overall GPA is higher). If I take one more 3 credit English class and get an A, can I raise my GPA from a 1.72 to a 2.0? Or would I need to get an A in more than one class?

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    2 weeks ago

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  • 2 months ago

    you neglect to tell us how many English credits you already have.  and, you can figure this out for yourself ... an "A" counts 4, so you weight the 4 by 3 credits and the 1.72 by however many credits that relates to and then calculate the new weighted average.  if not high enough, do again using 6 credits [two classes] with "A"s.

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