Are there any good HAM radio kits that including everything to get started?

Are there any good HAM radio kits that include everything needed to get started? Base, antenna, etc.?

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    No, there are no prepackaged setups for amateur radio.  


    There are too many variables in wants and needs from one person to another. 


    [Some prize drawings do award what amounts to a complete station, 

    but those are made up by the sponsor(s) from various separate items.]    



    Consult in person with an active radio amateur who doesn't 

    have a strong bias toward only one brand of equipment.      



    I started out in December 2011 with a Kenwood TH-K2AT handheld. 

    It did (and still does) all I really need, but in 2014 I bought a TM-281A mobile 

    and installed it in my pickup, and at present that is the radio I use the most. 


    For 2 meters and 70 cm ("440"), there aren't any low-cost "base station" models. 

    The most common setup for home use on these bands is a mobile radio 

    and a separate power supply, plus some kind of vertical antenna.  


    With most of today's mobile radios, Don't try to get by with a power supply 

    rated for less than 22 amps continuous output. 

    Yes, that seems like a lot until you see the panel lights dimming on the radio 

    and you get reports of bad audio. Go for the big one right away!    


    Please use "ham" rather than "HAM". It isn't an acronym. 



    Licensed amateur    



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    you could try amazon,they sell everything

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