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Getting another dog. Should I get a male or female?

So I've been thinking about getting another dog. My 5 lb. Chihuahua is 11 years old, but I really want her to experience life as a sister and have a friend. She has never really been around dogs before because I live in a small town where EVERYONE has big dogs and I won't take the chance of her being around a dog that could swallow her whole. 

Anyway, she is a very chill dog. She can be held for hours. She never bites and when we go on walks, she goes up to complete strangers to get attention (which is why I've had to cut back on our walks since Covid). She's a very sensitive dog. But even though she's "older" she still has tons of energy. She can walk over 3 miles at a times and as a ball of energy. Because of how gentle she is and how well I know her, I am looking for a puppy. She rarely barks and when she is scared, she runs to me. I truly believe that if she was ever attacked that she would not fight back. I just think it's safer going with a puppy. 

My only dilemma is trying to decide between a girl or a boy. Personally, I would prefer a female. But which do you think would be the best for HER? I have heard rumors that 2 females tend to fight more. 


I should mention that I'm getting another Chihuahua. On walks, we have encountered dogs and big dogs have freaked her out. She's not as freaked out by the smaller dogs. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Get another girl.   A boy dog will try to hump her and he will pee on your furniture.  

  • 2 months ago

    Your Dog GenderBut in the event that you've got a man and 1 female, then each are the alpha in their gender, lowering the chance of struggles. But in the event that you decide to get the other pet of the identical sex, then a pair of men might possibly be not as inclined to have to struggles compared to some pair of ladies.

    An man dog will probably possess much less issues having a brand fresh female pet, and viceversa. That must do with dominance. Physical conflicts can come about as canines of the exact identical sex combat to turn into the alpha.

    Generally, when it regards deciding if you need to receive yourself a man or female, then opposites have a tendency to work .

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  • 2 months ago

    If you plan to dress the dog up, get a girl.

  • 2 months ago

    I have 3Chihuahuas 3 young ladies 1 young men (all fixed and fixed, aside from the most youthful going in one month from now for it), and they get along fine 2 young ladies are littermates. It relies upon the canine. I incline toward young ladies over young men.

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    2 months ago

    I have 5 Chihuahuas 3 girls 2 boys (all spayed and neutered, except the youngest going in next month for it), and they get along fine 2 girls are littermates. It depends on the dog. I prefer girls over boys. 

  • 2 months ago

    Most pet shelters insist the dogs or cats that are being adopted meet with the people and pets it will be living with before they allow them to be adopted.  They have a room where your chihuahua will be in and they will bring in the new dog to see if they get along.  If you are getting another dog for your dog to play with, you should let her pick out her own friend.

  • 2 months ago

    You have a bigger problem than just choosing a gender.  She has been alone & would hate to have her territory invaded by another dog.  She will resent the other dog & will not tolerate any crap from another dog.  Dogs are very territorial & an invasion of her territory will be sad to watch.  She doesn't need a friend or companion.  She has never had one & the adjustment of accepting another dog will be very hard for her.  If you were have gotten a companion dog long before now & did all the proper introductions, it may have worked out just fine.

    Do some research about bring in a new dog to a home that already has a dog.  I wouldn't bring in another dog now.  She is used to being the single dog & I wouldn't change that, she is too old to accept another dog.  Don't do that to her now.

  • 2 months ago

    Absolutely with Nekkid... and you are putting too many human emotions on this dog and I don't think she'll quite see it your way if she hasn't been around other dogs !!!

  • 2 months ago

    At her age, she isn't going to want to have another dog around.   Dogs don't need or want to "experience being a sister".   They aren't that complex.

    She also has a friend- YOU.

    If you really insist on getting another dog tho, a neutered male that is similar age and activity level would be a better fit.

    She may be active for her age, but she is NOT going to want to deal with an obnoxious puppy.

  • 2 months ago

    Why do you humanise your pet dog..." but I really want her to experience life as a sister and have a friend."

    Dogs are not humans you see. in fact they think very differently to humans also.

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