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During the 119 left riots and protests in the summer that killed 21 people, why was the word "MOB" never mentioned but today, MOB is used?

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  • ?
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    9 hours ago

    It was used all the time by the conservative media. Kneeling was to violent for black men to do to protest. The same people that hate black men kneeling just meant black people needed to storm the senate. It's nice to know the rules that conservatives agree with.

  • Ann
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    10 hours ago

    Over 2 thousand police officers were injured. 25 were murdered. Billions were stolen or ruined. But that's OK. It was all done by liberal Democrats. They get a pass.

  • 13 hours ago

    If the death toll from violence from those 119 were the same as the one on Jan 6 it would be 238 dead, not 21.  The protests and riots were against police brutality and injustice.  Jan 6 was over losing an election.

  • Anonymous
    17 hours ago

    They turned into a horde when a huge horde of them turned out to be confused and goal on raising a ruckus or viciousness. That is the meaning of a crowd as found in any word reference.

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  • Anonymous
    1 day ago

    Because self hating whites rule the media and they want to make their own race look bad.

  • 2 days ago

    Your discussing contention is let us just let terrible stuff occur, let us let criminal things happen on the grounds that other criminal things have occurred previously. In the event that we take cues from you, the world will be invaded by criminality.....

    Besides, I couldn't help contradicting any piece of the late spring fights that included brutality and plundering and so forth why? Since those things are wrongdoings. I said it at that point and I state it now. This isn't troublesome, regardless of who accomplishes something incorrectly, I call it wrong. So while a large portion of the mid year fights were tranquil and numerous quiet dissidents were brutally assaulted by law authorization, I concede there was some illicit viciousness which those individuals had the right to be captured taking part in criminal behavior.

    Presently, pushing ahead to the fierce crowd in DC, it is a horde, it was a horde, it was a crowd of racial oppressor tricksters assaulting our country's capital since they lost a political decision and need to cheat to upset it for their chief, and that is illegal however not just that, its a considerably more genuine wrongdoing and a danger to our nation.

    I comprehend why you lie. You lie since you are off base. You lie to make a bogus equivalency to state the mid year fights are only something very similar that occurred at the capital, so why are individuals overplaying it. I figure you do comprehend the distinction, however you are attempting to imagine that you don't so your side successes the discussion. Your point is basically that people of color don't make a difference, and that individuals of color ought not get the option to shield your bigoted chief from being despot.

    This is a typical discussing strategy by exceptionally insidious gatherings truly. When faced with their underhanded, demonstrations, they essentially prefer to lie about things that others have done that don't come close to what the malicious ones are presently doing, or generally in reality lie and imagine wrongdoings to blame the resistance for so apparently guiltiness is typical, and if culpability is ordinary and everybody does it, why stress over the violations being submitted now? This is the reason Trump and the Russians needed to balance the allegation of debasement around Biden, this is likewise why Trump likes to interface Biden with China since Trump realizes he is connected to Russia so he needs to imagine the insight that being connected to an adversary nation is ordinary and everybody does it.

  • 2 days ago

    The death toll was actually 26 - - actual victims of Trump's hate

  • Anonymous
    2 days ago

    Isolated incidents of vandalism, violence or even deaths that are perpetrated by rogue opportunists who are acting under the cover of larger scale peaceful and orderly protests over police brutality towards a certain segment of society are NOT the same thing as a large organized group of people with one specific purpose, which is to try to VIOLENTLY overthrow a government’s attempts to certify a legitimate national election certification and who specifically  target law enforcement and try to injure and kill them and anybody else who gets in their way. That is the function of a “mob”.

  • 3 days ago

    mob is the opposite term when they often use "gang" 

  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

    Because it was a MOB that attacked the Capitol Building.

    Peaceful Protesters are not a Mob.

    Seditious Traitors hell-bent on Murder are a Mob.

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