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Is Harvard really the best university in the world and if yes, what evidence is there for it ?

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    Generally, the top rated schools are so based on a number of factors, but those factors differ from ranking body to ranking body and are a source of significant controversy.  

    Per US News, the most common ranking system, Princeton is currently rated the highest ranked with Harvard at #2.  I have seen Harvard all the way down at #6 before with US News.  Other reports do not rank Harvard in the top 100 because of the average debt students there tend to accrue.  

    World University Rankings puts Harvard at #7 with Oxford in the #1 spot and Cal Tech in the #2 spot.

    That being said, the rankings are often based on some things that have nothing to do with quality, such as selectivity, endowment (how much money the school has), and how much research is done at the college (as opposed to teaching).  Some schools misreported their average scores and shot up in the rankings.  Temple University's MBA was among those and had to settle for $700,000 with the US Department of Education because of it.  I am not saying Harvard did, but the investigation of Temple showed that other universities were likely to have done the same.

    Other factors included in US News rankings, some of which many might argue have nothing to do with university quality:

    1) Activities & Social Life 

    2) City & Setting 

    3) Classes & Teachers 

    4) Dining & Food 

    5) Dorms & Housing 

    6) Health & Safety 

    That all being said, based on other measures, you might find vastly different results.  For example, Cal State Long Beach is a public state university that does not even crack the top 100 US News rankings.  However, is the 8th most applied to school in the country and was ranked as the 17th best public university, 27th best value university, and 11th most transformative by Money magazine.  It is also ranked 7th for social mobility - meaning it has a large number of low-income students that land high wage jobs after completing their degrees. 

    Yes, its not #1, but consider that Princeton costs $53,890 versus CSU Long Beach's $6,834.  

    I went "only" to regionally accredited (not nationally accredited) state universities and I am in the top 3% for income.  If we compare my salary before completing my bachelor's degree and my salary today, the extra income I made this year compared to back then would pay for all four of my degrees (BA, two Master's degrees, and a doctorate). 

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    Different universities tend to be stronger in different subjects especially science and engineering, where places like Imperial College , London and MIT are the best.

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    No I never wanted to go there Americans have an ego so they Believe it is the best then it will be the best

    the More you can pay Teachers the better the school

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    its the best in certain subjects but it sets a high standard to ask for so much in fees , over all its a name , thats all .

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    The best university in the world?  Only for those who can afford to attend it, and find a useful education there. The "best" university is one who provides the education you want at a price you can afford, and which is one you want to attend. Ratings like "best" are relatively meaningless if you can't get what you need from a university education. 

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    the evidence is the job offers Harvard graduates get.

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    Harvard is among about a dozen universities which in one way or another can be called the best in the world.  There is really no one school, though, which is best in all categories.    

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    No Harvard and Yale are best in USA but world wide Oxford and Cambridge are best in uk and Peking (baida) in China are better. Tokyo is better too. A couple in India are good but I can’t remember the name 

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    That would be a subjective rating. How are you going to measure it? Let's just say that Harvard is a damned good school and let it go at that.

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    It is an excellent university. But not for all areas of study. 

    MIT and Stanford could be considered better.

    Read up on how the have ranked the universities. 

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