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Is flying boring? Is it more fun than driving?

Strange question. I have never been in a civilian aircraft, and I have never been in a helicopter, only commercial jets a few times when I was younger. I'm 23 and sort of in a weird spot where I am obsessed with the idea of learning how to fly, and would love to try to become a military combat pilot after college. I am very interested in obtaining a pilots license, but honestly I can't escape the feeling that I would be bored. I love watching fighter pilot videos, or videos about combat helicopter missions, and the military aspect is very exciting to me. But when I watch videos of people flying civilian aircraft, it seems a bit slow and boring tbh. I will say I like watching videos of people flying gliders for whatever reason and want to start with a gliders license. Also, driving is my all-time favorite thing to do and I am curious how driving a car compares to flying. Just from watching videos it almost appears that driving on a highways gives one more of a sensation of speed than does flying a Cessna. Is this true? Overall just kind of curious if actually flying a plane is far more exhilarating than it seems from watching other people do it, and again if a love for going out and driving back roads or highways for hours is the type of thing that transfers well to a love of spending time piloting aircraft

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    Sensations of high speed usually drop out at about 200 feet. I got buzzed once over the Chesapeake while flying a Cessna 172, by a couple of F(2fast2tell). That let me know how slow I was going. However, if you ever look out an airliners window at plains going the other way, you'll REALLY know how fast things get. I've to go with both Zaphod, and ? on this one. Take a couple of introductory flights and see for yourself. In my flight experience, "boring is better". Excitement usually means you fvcked up somewhere in the planning. 

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    I did my first flight in 1973.   Lots of leg room,  good food,   nice movie.    Now it is spam in a can,  terrible food and no movie except on long flights.   I much prefer taking my car or motorhome and driving.  LOTS of leg room,  great food,  and scenery to look at.    I fly only when I have no other choice.  

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    The only way to know for sure is to go take a couple of introductory lessons. One in a glider and one in a single engine training airplane. Until you do that it will be all esoteric second-guessing. If flying isn't an obsession once you've done it, find a different hobby or career. I can tell you this - if you're thrill seeking,it's not for you. If you are serious about being a military pilot, that's the absolutely most difficult and competetive goal you can set for yourself and it's right up there with wanting to become an astronaut or a brain surgeon. If you're not way above average in intelligence, perseverence and fortitude, you won't succeed.

  • Piero
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    If you do it well, flying is extremely boring.  If you don't do it well, it's exciting enough to kill you.

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  • Let me put it that way. If you pay as much attention to being a pilot as you do to driving your car odds are you will die horribly.

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    I've been around aircraft and aviation since just a few years after WWII. I started hanging around a small airfield and bumming rides around age 12. I got a lot of unlogged flight training from some pretty good aviators. I soloed with  5 or so logged hours at age 16. I never found flying to be all that much fun. Over the years I built a Midget Mustang, but never had the ratings or hours or skill to race the thing. I built a Pitts, but I found high Gs uncomfortable and negative Gs painful, so acro flying wasn't fun either. I the interim, I raced cars. I raced midgets and sprint cars full time for a living for a while. THAT was FUN. The old saying "Flying is hours of boredom leading to moments of abject terror" is probably true.

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    You kiddin'?  Flying is never boring!  Commercial jets can be fun, but flying in a small civil aircraft is amazing fun.  And the more you learn about the airspace, weather/atmosphere/meteorology, and navigation systems, the more interesting it becomes.  If there is any truth to your anonymously posted story, I highly recommend you find the nearest flight school at a municipal airport and contact them about going up for an introductory flight.  Intro flights are usually not all that expensive, and the flight instructor can fill you in on all the details about costs, time frame, the different ratings that are available, and so on.  And there are a lot of different types of flying and aircraft available whether single engine planes, twins, helicopters, aerobatics, light sport aircraft, ultralights, gliders, seaplanes, and even balloons and airships.

    With driving you have to keep your eyes mainly on the road and can't see much.  With flying, once you're safely up in the air and especially once you're cruising along at altitude, you can look out the window at the landscape and sky and really see the world.  And at night when you're about the only one in the air within a hundred miles, the sky is yours.  If you find that boring, there's really no help for you.

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