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I just lost my best friend.?

We had to put my dog to sleep after having her for so long, I got attached to her and we were inseparable. She followed me everywhere and did everything together. I’m having a hard time accepting it and it’s sad no having her when I’m sleeping or when I’m eating. How do I make it easier?

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    It will always be in the back of your head but I found/believe the best thing to is just to talk to people. It is always good to talk to people when something bad is going on in your life!

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    its something that unavoidably needs to happen tragically:( I lost two of my fuzzy companions a couple of years back, and despite the fact that its hard from the outset you will ultimately come to acknowledge it. grin recalling all the extraordinary recollections you had together and realize that she is up in paradise looking after you. it would hurt her to see you upset so stay solid knowing youll be together again one day.

    sending loads of adoration and I trust it gets easier<3

  • So sorry to hear of your loss.May your dog's soul Rest In Peace and God give you strength during this difficult time.

    I agree with the other posters,time is the only thing that can heal. You will always love your dog but the pain will heal with time. Because of their intense loyalty and pure ness we humans get more attached to these wonderful creatures than to perhaps even other humans.

    A few thoughts that may help while dealing with death of a dear one, human or animal-

    -Death is inevitable. As soon as any living thing is born, there’s only one thing guaranteed about it- that it will eventually die. That is the way of nature and life. It was never possible that you would be with each other for ever, there had to be a day when you would part. And God decided that this would be the day.

    -Although death is a horrible truth, suffering is even worse. Your dog has been freed from its suffering.

    - We fear death but it’s only the next step in the soul’s journey. “Death is only going to sleep to wake up in the presence of God”.

    Try to remember and treasure the good memories and feel happy about the wonderful lives you lived together.Your dog was lucky to have been so loved and I’m sure you’d have done everything to make her happy. As she passes to the next world, she goes beyond your care, but what you can do is pray that her soul is happy and at peace. One day you will meet her when your Maker decides.

    Once again sorry for your loss and God bless.

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    get a new one then in 14 years from now you will be on the net winging again , go away fool .

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    I'm so sorry to hear that. I lost my dog-son too from cancer, he was almost 12 years old. It was the hardest thing i've ever had to go through, and it hurt really bad. Just know that she's not suffering anymore, and she's now at peace. 

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    There really isn't a way. When someone has a bond like that with a pet, the loss of them can be greater than the loss of a human family member. I say that with experience. In my case, time has helped.

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    I have never found any ways to make it easier.  Time & time alone will ease the grief & emptiness.  It is always hard to accept.  So sorry for your loss.

    I have found that with the death of one dog, I had room for another, so I would go looking for a big dog that needed a last 'forever home'.  I rescued large & extra large dogs & kept about 5 at almost any time.  Now I have just one & it seems so empty. I went & got too old to handle these big dogs & so many of them.  I think it is sadder to loose a single dog than it is to loose one of several.  Blessings.

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    Oh no, it's so sad.

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     Honestly you cant: The only healer available is time... I´m genuinely sorry for the loss of your dog all the same. I also lost one of my then retd sheepdogs last February 2nd but she had a good long retirement and a very happy life. She walked out  with one of my present working dogs To the home ewes lay down watching them and when i got there 5 mins or so later i found her dead. It hurts greatly  but thats life and it always ends in death sadly..... Be brave time Will heal..... As only time can....... Again my condolences for your loss.... After ole sals death i went home and got a shovel and buried her where she lay  with my ewes around her.. Cos thats where she wanted to be.... I can still think of her and all honesty  though it gets easier. everyday. She meant more to me than many humans do.....

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    Losing a loved one is never easy.  You're going to have to take the pain one day at a time until you can love again.  Good luck.

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