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Let's try again. So Trump is impeached twice by the house.. so what?

It didn't mean anything the first time, so why do people act like it's a big deal that he got "impeached" by only the house...

Please enlighten me. I'm ignorant to understand why it means anything..

The last time I asked this, not one person could answer why it was significant, what it means for his future, how it adversely affects him. All they could do was fling insults. Making me wonder if it's true, it really is meaningless..

On the flip side, however, not one person confirmed that it is, indeed, actually meaningless.

Hopefully this time I can get some clear answers.


"He can never run for office again and it opens him up to be charged with more crimes."

That's only if the impeachment is finalized at the Senate..... He's only impeached at the house.....

Update 2:

"It is a total waste of time while dividing the Nation just to feed Notzi Pelosi & her leftists' hubris & hate. "

That's like saying it's a huge waste of time when they did it for Nixon.... no, he has committed impeachable offenses, and it's right to impeach him. It's the right who are letting him get away his offenses, it's not that he's innocent.

Update 3:

That's like saying it was a waste of time to impeach Clinton for his sex scandal, and, actually, yeah, that one was a waste of time, and a dumb reason to impeach (I was right-wing at that time, and even then I thought it was ridiculous), but the right didn't think that petty offense was a waste of time.. now they turn around and cry about their president getting impeached for way worse offenses.

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    I love all this. The USA is dancing wildly to V. Putin's ballet which he sent to his apprentice D. Trump.

    At any event, Trump being "Impeached" which is just an indictment. But, twice which NEVER happened before in USA history is an historical event. If Trump is convicted by the Senate, besides likely barring him from further federal offices it would be the first time in USA history that a President was impeached and convicted.

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    1 month ago

    So what is right???  Big deal, Nazi Pelosi gets another notch on her belt.  you got to wonder just what is she so afraid of.  This is simply overkill and she knows it, stupid witch!

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    1 month ago

    It might make Pence Pres. for a day!

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    There have been no impeachmentsuch. Just kangaroo B.S. mouth-breathing Democrat "look at us" circus.

    Read up in the Constitution, what your mouth-breathing friends did was 100% illegal. No opportunity to present evidence, no chance to testify, no chance to face accusers, no chance to cross examine witnesses, etc, etc. If anything, Nazi Pelosi should be charged with federal crimes and arrested. What I don't understand is why Trump hasn't canned her. Under the Constitution and Federal law, the President has the power and the authority to fire the Speaker of the House, and the Speaker has no remedy from Congress nor the Supreme Court. 

    Why the GOP doesn't use existing law to kick the Left in the backside is beyond me.

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    I think it will make a difference. It's also amazing the Nancy Pelosi is immediately blamed because she wants Trump held accountable for inciting a riot that ended in the death of 5 people and a mob trashing the Capitol Building. She isn't dividing the country it's people like you spreading lies and hate.  Trump, if he's found guilty the tax payers will not have to fund his security guards, etc.  Great, I for one, don't want a single dollar of the money I've worked for paying to keep him safe, he's a disgrace.   

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    So what is right.  Just what did it prove except that Nazi Pelosi is a very vindictive witch.  Her hatred has put a dark spot on American history!

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    (Psalm 146:3) "Do not put your trust in princes Nor in a son of man, who cannot bring salvation."

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    An impeachment is still very serious charge. It's only happened 4 times in our history. It goes beyond the typical bickering if politics. The difference this time is that Trump has a very real chance of actually being convicted. That has never happened before.

    As far as what happens to Trump if he's convicted. Not much. He won't be able to run for office again, but I don't think that was ever an option for him. He could still be charged with other crimes, but that's not really affected by the impeachment.

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    The Democrats are terrified that he would come back in 2024 and run for reelection and they think this reduces the possibility of that.

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    He can never run for office again and it opens him up to be charged with more crimes.

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    actually he only got impeached once.

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