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My boyfriend told me I should get a nose job?Am I overreacting?

We were watching a movie and cuddling on the couch and a scene from a movie popped up of someone with an abnormally large nose. He laughed and said, "Dang, that looks like you!!" I kinda got mad but laughed it off, it wasn't the first time someone has said something about my nose(Im Jewish ). But then he made a comment about why I never got nose surgery. So I told him how I felt and that it hurt my feelings, and he apologized, but I was still mad and didn't want to see him at the moment, so I slept over at my friends house for the night and have yet to return(Its been 2 days) Am I overreacting?He did apologize ,  but I dont think boyfriends should talk like this if they love their gfs


We have since worked it out. I came home and he was beyond apologetic and felt really bad about what he said. He told me he was just joking and knows it was insensitive, and while yes, my nose is kinda big, he would never want me to change myself because he loves me. I appreciate all of your answers

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    You're not overreacting he was being a douchebag. Nobody in their right mind or with any respect makes fun of their partner. Maybe just joking around and thats it but if they mean it then that's completely different. Im sure your nose is fine people are assholes and they like to make fun and talk **** they're not good people. Not all of them. Your bf had no right to say what he said it was ****** up and disrespectful.

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    Don't get a nose job because what really matters is how beautiful you feel. Also if you boyfriend loves you it doesnt really matter. Just try to remind him that those comments hurt your feelings 

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    You are overacting your first answer should've been I'll get one when i feel i want one you got me can't handle my nose then you never cared for me in first place 

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    Don't get a nose job. If he never brings it up again, awesome, he loves you just the way you are. If he brings it up again and in jest, chuck him. find someone who loves every part of you.

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    If I I were you I won't be pleased too.

    If you are fine in his eyes, he would not say that.

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    He’s creating an open line of communication and you should probably thank him for being honest and helping you.  Then get a nose job, but after giving him a ********.

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    I can't say or judge. But I can only suggest, that you should accept his apology. I always compliment my GF for her flaws, to make her feel comfortable about herself, and to make her love herself.

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    make a deal with him if he doesnt complain about your nose then you wont complain about his small penis

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    The real concern here is how you see yourself. You're Jewish and it is but natural you have a large nose. If those facts hurt you, you will consider getting a nose job but when will that end? What would be the next part to go under the knife? This is a case of insecurity and low self-esteem. Plastic surgery isn't the solution. It's all about gaining confidence and fully accepting what and who you are. You're Jewish, considering your history, of all people in the world, you should be the last to have these problems. 

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    we're gonna need some pics

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    No, you aren't overreacting.

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