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Why are they doing this?

I have really awful neighbors who love to use dogs to terrorize people. Every time I leave the home, they come out of the house with their pitbull (my least favorite dog) and block my way with it. When I return home, they also wait for me and stand there with the dog blocking my way again. It's like they want an argument or something. It's getting extremely annoying. Based on the laws, I can't tell them not to go outside with the dogs but the dogs are being used to annoy, terrorize  and block me from leaving and coming back to my home. My neighbors don't want me to leave the house. What is wrong with these people and why are they doing this?

PS: I live in a neighborhood where most dogs are dangerous and have reported my neighbors for letting them (pitbulls) run loose to bite people. SMH.


I've contacted Animal Control about this and they still find a way to keep doing this...

Update 2: nailed it! They are low class.

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    You live in a low class insane neighborhood where the mentally disabled enjoy exercising there power through the use of intimidating dogs. People like this have an inferiority complex and try to compensate with tattoos, loud cars and motorcycles, strange haircuts, unnecessary jewelry, and weird behavior. Your best option is to move because they can't be educated and will never change.

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    Have you reported this to Animal Control?  If there is no complaint, there is no investigation.  You have to report this to them to get any help.

    When neighbors come out with their dogs, are the dogs leashed?  Are both standing in your way of getting into your yard?  Are the dog just lose & just running around?  Do the dog challenge you & threaten you with growls & barks?  You need to talk to Animal Control.

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    You can report them for that.  Also, invest in a can of mace and use it on the dog.  I bet they'll NEVER stand in your way again!  In court, the pit bull is going to lose every time!  The dogs are a threat to your safety, that's all the judge needs to hear.

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    • "For what reason would they say they are doing this?"

    It would have helped had you TOLD us what "this" is prior to posing that inquiry.

    It is additionally important to request you for LOTS from clarifications to explain your too-obscure explanations.

    Interim, if the "they" in those 5 words is the "neighbors" in your next sentence and are the SAME "neighbors" as in your last sentence, I recommend you do some speculation, in light of the fact that to ME the solution to your fundamental inquiry is OBVIOUS!

    🤯 "They" despise you and need you to GO AWAY - FAR away!

    With respect to WHY "they" despise you: WE have no data from you or from that neighbor.

    ⚡️ It could be on the grounds that they need "your" level whatever for a destitute companion of theirs.

    ⚡️ It could be on the grounds that you make loads of commotion when home, upsetting their tranquility.

    ⚡️ It could be on the grounds that they see you as explicitly debased.

    ⚡️ It could be that they are bigots who detest whatever your racial foundation is. (You being one more fearful [Anonymous] who won't allow us to see your symbol + username + questions + answers, we have TOTALLY insufficient data about YOU - not even the name of your closest city!

    ⚡️ It could be that they have precisely worked out WHO revealed them to the canine officer or police (you didn't disclose to us WHO/WHAT you announced them to!).

    ⚡️ It could be that they are lawbreakers who DON'T need you noticing their guests and detailing those guests to the police or FBI.

    • "I have truly dreadful neighbors who love to utilize canines to threaten individuals. Each time I leave the home, they emerge from the house with their pitbull (my most un-most loved canine) and square my way with it."

    In my nation,"the home" signifies "the old people's home for the matured and sick".

    💥Q1: Is THAT what you mean, or do you simply signify "my home"?

    Incidentally, if a "pitbull" exists it is a male cow-like (= bull) that works in a mine (= pit), much as a pit horse does.

    The lone canine BREED that has your TWO words in its name is the APBT = American Pit Bull Terrier, created in the days when "Massa"s (= slave proprietors) had a slave or captives to prepare a canine or canines to act in a fenced in area (=pit) to engage the exhausted "massas" who delighted in wagering on what amount of time it would require for a canine to kill each rodent dropped into the "pit" with it, or which of 2 canines dropped into a similar ring would endure. Not MY sort of individuals!

    Except if the neighbor's canine is enrolled with the UKC as an APBT, it's anything but an APBT - it is a cross-breed or crossbreed or mutt for certain progenitors that were Bulldogs, a few predecessors that were Terriers, a few precursors that were Mastiffs, a few predecessors that were inside and out NASTY.

    💥Q2: Is that neighbor's facing securely fenced, with the front entryway securely shut?

    💥Q3: Is "your" facade securely fenced, with the front door securely shut?

    💥Q4: Is the canine IN it's fenced yard, or free out on the public pathway, or is it on the public trail yet on-rope held by the proprietor? What - all things considered - does the canine do to danger you? (A sniff to "become acquainted with you" isn't a threat.)

    💥Q5: What is the By-Law in YOUR area with respect to canines off their proprietor's property? (In my city, the canine should be in its proprietors fenced property, or on-chain until it is in one of my city's doggy zones. Our canines are NOT permitted on the trail going past any shop.)

    💥Q6: Do you have any Favorite sorts of canine? Have you ever claimed and TRAINED one of them?

    💥Q7: Are you terrified of practically all canines? Assuming this is the case, imagine a scenario in which (any) sorts of canine have nibbled you - and have you worked out WHY it/they chomped you.

    • "When I get back, they likewise sit tight for me and remain there with the canine impeding my direction once more."

    See my Q4,then answer

    💥Q8: In what way does the DOG "block" your direction? Or on the other hand how does the Neighbor block as you would prefer? How long has this been going on?

    I ask on the grounds that numerous years back a youthful legal counselor rang me up, needing to get over her dread of canines. We organized her to show up at my place at a particular time, so I could have my 7 weeks old German Shepherd Dog little guys tired from chasing after me, full-bellied on the grounds that I took care of them a bigger than-ordinary "lunch" sufficiently well before the booked appearance that they would in a split second nod off when I set then in the coat-specialty simply inside the front entryway.

    The legal counselor and her mom showed up and thumped on the entryway. I opened the door,the mother came in, the attorney froze on the way outside. The mother and I talked, took a gander at my photograph collections, had 2 cuppas each, under the steady gaze of the legal advisor oversaw enough nerve to come up the 3 stages, slide past the resting little guys with her back against the entryway then the divider, and slid into the parlor with us.

    After she had recuperated, she requested me to bring ONE from the little guys into the lounge.The one I got was scarcely wakeful, yet she figured out how to contact him and persuade herself that he wasn't going to savage her. She at that point inquired as to whether she could get him. At the point when she got him home her dad ADORED him. Just issue was that he cut a doggy-entryway into the secondary passage, so L.Kunta Kunte could allow himself to out around evening time when he needed to go latrine. Also, Kunta became BIGGER than he should, so the dad needed to cut a BIGGER doggy-door....

    • "It resembles they need a contention or something. It's getting very irritating. In light of the laws, I can't reveal to them not to go outside with the canines but rather the canines are being utilized to pester, threaten and block me from leaving and returning to my home."

    Do you have anything to add to your solution to my 💥Q8 ?

    • "My neighbors don't need me to take off from the house."

    A great many people have at any rate 5 neighbors - 1 on the left, one on the right, one behind the back fence, and one each side of the back neighbor. Since I have a long restricted slope segment I have 6 neighbors - 1 to my left side, one to my right side, 3 along my long limit, and 1 down underneath my short back limit. That back-neighbor has a neighbor each side at the same time, in light of the contrasting states of the areas, neither of my back neighbor's left and right neighbors limits contact my back segment, in spite of the fact that I can see part of the two homes over the fences.

    I composed that in light of the fact that YOUR selections of words are VERY confounding! You continue utilizing "neighbors" rather than utilizing "neighbor" if there is just ONE neighbor that is disturbing you, or determining (by their heading from you?) which are "awful" neighbors, which are "acceptable" neighbors.


    💥Q9: Are the "neighbors" (who) "don't need me to take off from the house" the SAME neighbor that you began by calling "they" however you presently state "My neighbors don't need me to take off from the house." ?

    Assuming this is the case, I've just expressed that I accept that they DO need you to LEAVE that house - FOREVER! (In a coffin, if vital, if the area is as terrible as you state!)

    • "What's up with these individuals and for what reason would they say they are doing this?"

    I've just expressed MY clarifications for the entirety of that - however have no chance to get of KNOWING how right or wrong I am. You can't anticipate that US should really KNOW what their issues and reasons are the point at which WE have never MET them. Those are questions you should respond in due order regarding yourself by TALKING serenely to that neighbor and to your different neighbors. In the event that essential, accompanied by 1 or 2 safety officers!

    • "PS: I live in a local where most canines are risky and have revealed my neighbors for letting them (pitbulls) run free to chomp individuals. SMH."

    💥Q10: Are you SLANDERING that neighbor (or a few neighbors)? Or on the other hand do you have proof that his/her canine HAS or their canines HAVE nibbled individuals?

    On the off chance that you haven't yet figured out how to add accommodating data to your inquiry, LEARN:

    ★a: Click the ( Edit ) under your Question, at that point

    ★b: click the [Add Update] that will show up, trailed by

    ★c: composing the missing data into the unmistakable territory that will show up.

    ★d: Then CHECK and CORRECT your composing, prior to clicking [Submit].

    At that point answer my ten 💥Q-numbered questions.

    Les the matured Kiwi - first puppy in 1950, GSD coach and raiser as of Easter 1968

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    Give a call to your local la, talk to them and ask what exactly your allowed to don get the name and badge number to whom you speak to.  Later if something happens saying the cops told me I could gets you where.

    Have a camera ready (your phone works) ask the neighbor to let you pass, if they refuse or play stupid..,  what? You afraid of my puppy?   Let them know your allying the police to help you pass.   Also ask if you can use police grade pepper spray or bear spray.  The cheep stuff doesn’t work on all dogs but the police or bear grade does and it doesn’t permanently hurt dogs or people if it sprays over or back to you.

    If the dogs are off leash and they are on your front door step they are trespassing.  Don’t argue just call it’s now a threat.

    Be careful.

    Good luck

    As to why are they doing this.?... why are people stupid.... why are people mean.... why are people prejudiced...,, why do people enjoy hurting other people?   because they are so unhappy with their pitiful meaningless lives they feel like they are superior if they can make sport of others, hurt others and make others feel lower and more miserable than they do themselves.

    They lack self esteem and any feelings of being part of the human race.  They are bottom feeders.

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    Well if this is really happening you call the police. Ooh. They're defunded. What would Pelosi do? Well, she'd call the funded police that will surely show up asap.

    I dunno man. Are they really literally blocking you with that? Good ole timey police would show up for it.

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    Ask them not yahoo

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    So, they come out of their house and what? Stand in your doorway with their dogs? At the gate to your yard? They are in some way physically entirely blocking you from leaving or returning? If so, what do they say when you ask them to step aside so you can pass? Or are they on their own property outside with their dogs and you're just too terrified to leave your house or get out of your vehicle with them outdoors? 

    If they're actually on your property or on the sidewalk between your property and destination with their dogs and are physically obstructing you, and don't move aside when asked, then call the police. If they're on their own property and you're just too frightened to pass because you don't like the breed of their dogs, then there's nothing you can do except suck it up and deal. 

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    When they stop you- pull out your cell phone and tell them you are taking video and calling the police next if they block your way again - tell them if it happens again it will be the police first. 

    Don't mess with dog spray --get bear spray - pit bulls are not normal dogs. It takes 5 times the drugs to euthanize one (by weight) than any other dog. 

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    2 months ago

    report them to the police- that scare should stop them.

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