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What do you think about the Japanese Army of 1918-1945? Maybe they are Asians generally of small size, but very brave, like Hobbits?

What do you think about the Japanese Army of 1918-1945?

Maybe they are Asians generally of small size, but very brave, like Tolkien's Hobbits

I hope no one will perceive it as some kind of racist ploy, because I had absolutely no intention of doing so.

I am Polish, my country suffered a lot from the Nazis and Japan was their ally along with the Italians, Romanians and Finns, although the latter joined the Axis countries not entirely of their own free will, because they only wanted to regain Karela stolen by the Russians, Marshal Carl Gustaf Mannerheim who was a badass, just like our Polish Marshal Józef Piłsudzki :-)

Returning to the topic, the Japanese committed many barbarians, such as the Nanking Massacre, which was in no way inferior to the Holocaust, but only the Holocaust is mentioned, which unfortunately actually had

Some historians believe that Hitler would not have come to power had it not been for the draconian financial sanctions imposed on the German Empire after World War I, and the history of the pacifist war would have been different had the then US president, Wodrow Wilson, not been so racial (it's ironic that the American The democratic party fights racism so much, but they were the mainstay of racism in the USA for many years, in the United States, which was said to have been part of the Confedration, so I felt an African-American man who wrote to me that President Lincoln was a Republican and not a Democrat, but I did not want to write about it.


I wanted to write about Japan that their soldiers fought so well even in a bad cause, as the American Marines had already beaten them with firepower, they did bayonet charges BANZAI CHARGE that was so EPIC

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Update 2:

As for Poland, we lost and were absorbed by ******* Germans, we fought fanatically with the Germans, for example the famous Battle of Wizna, Gerd von Rundstedt, who was appointed by Hitler as the chief commander, during Fall Weiss, i.e. the invasion of Poland, said later in comparison that Polish soldiers they were at that time the only ones who really fought without pretending, and not like the cowardly French, where France was the largest country in Europe besides Russia, or  Czechoslovakia 

Update 3:

Even the tiny Netherlands fought more bravely than the Czechs and the French, and in terms of area it is a country similar to the Benelux countries

and here an interesting song about brave Polish soldiers from the Battle of Wizna, it's almost like Klingon opera xD

It's called 40: 1

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    You have your view there are many,  the French were out flanked by one of the most brilliant tactics since Hannibal defeated the magnificent Romans , the Maginot line was facing Germany t, he big guns couldnt be turned to face FRANCE for obvious reasons , And the British 350,000 men  had to flee to Dunkirk and they were no chickens , the Polish were attacked from both sides Russia were occupying half they were heros in many ways i an Englishman have been surounded by Polish people that came to Britain to work in coal mines and fight in the Airforce and i have great respect for them 

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    "some kind of racist ploy"

    Yes it is, you are using crude stereotypes and comparison with an entirely fictional "race". If you cannot see that maybe you should consider it before launching into your rambling rant.

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