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Need help identifying this picture/poster from ww2?

It says it was printed in 1945

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    2 months ago

    It's a poster explaining the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran.

    Iran tried to maintain a neutral position in WW2 despite its continued relations with Germany. The main reason it continued relations with Germany was that Germany did not have a past record of interfering in internal Iranian affairs or occupying Iranian territory as Britain and the Soviet Union did.

    (This brings up an interesting point: Germany has always been accused of conquering other countries for purposes of Lebensraum, and yet, here we see Britain and the Soviet Union being the aggressors against a neutral country.

    This helps to shed light on what happened with regards to Norway, and it appears to support Germany's claims of going into the Low Countries to maintain their neutrality, claiming that Britain was engaged in setting up staging areas where they would have quicker and easier access to the Ruhr region in Germany.)

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    2 months ago

    Looks like Post WWII and it seems to be about Russians taking American war supplies to the middle east., Probably to stop eventual formation of an Israeli State

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