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Can people really change their sex nowadays?

As technology developed enough for people actually change their sex.Like can a guy become a girl completely with boobs and vagina and get pregnant or a girl become a guy with penis balls and ejaculate to make a girl pregnant.

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    No to both of your comparisons. Men cannot get pregnant, and women cannot get someone pregnant. The surgery is just cosmetic.

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    Not yet. Trans women can get breasts and a vagina but cannot get pregnant, and trans men can remove their breasts and get a penis but cannot get anyone pregnant. Though, it is being studied and eventually technology will be developed enough, that's for sure. 

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    2 months ago

    Nope - they just change parts like Mr. Potatohead.

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    2 months ago

    @Charlie: Scientists have already said transwomen will never get pregnant the natural way or give birth the natural way. They might get a transplanted uterus, but as it stands all attempts towards this have failed. 

    And neither one of them get sexual organs of the opposite sex. The one gets an inverted penis and the other gets an enlarged clitoris with a pump in it. And no, a clitoris can not be made into a penis as it is biologically different than a penis and does not have the anatomy to allow hardness. And before anyone attempts to rebuttal that last point, getting engorged with blood like a clitoris does and getting hard like a penis are different things. 


    The surgery that people call a sex change operation hasn't been called that now for at least a decade due to the name making a claim towards the surgery that is false. These days the surgery is called a gender realignment surgery, which is also making a false claim towards the surgery due to the surgery not being capable of changing someone's gender or for that matter create a biologically correct genitalia.

    Saying all of that, biological sex is far more complex than simply hormonal development and genitals. The days of transgenders and their corrupt doctors making the claim that transgenders change their sex are long dead and replaced with the dishonest bullsh*it that transgenders change their gender. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Of course not.  They can make some cosmetic changes but they can't make a woman capable of getting pregnant or a man capable of impregnating.

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