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Was I or wasn't I raped? PLS HELP!?

My story- When I was married to my husband ( Me 21 and he 28 ). One month into our marriage, while having sexual intercourse, It hurted like HELL when he inserted his penis in me, so I told him to go slow and soft, and to be gentle, cause I am feeling pain. But what he did next terrified me. He instead inserted his penis in my vagina extremely hard and waited for 10 seconds and then again inserted his penis hard into me and this round with 10 seconds interval went about for quite a long time. He hurted me intentionally. PLS NOTE We have rough sex many times, but he was NEVER this hard and rough on me before LIKE THIS TIME! HE WAS ROUGH AND AGGRESSIVE AS HELL. He also tells me every time before we have sex that "Today is your punishment, I will punish you." Another time during sex, he accidentally inserted his dick into my anal, ( We never did anal ) and I was so hurt that I cried, but seeing me cried he was laughing really loud. Is his behavior abnormal? Someone pls help me understand these three aspects of him. It's driving me nuts. Did he rape me or is his behavior normal when a man is too excited? Secondly, the thing about he tells me about punishment before sex, is it normal too? Or laughing when I am hurting is wrong or right? Pls, Help me out. Thinking about it as rape is just not allowing me to sleep peacefully at night.

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    Wait till he's at work, then collect your stuff and leave. He's a sadistic monster, not only that he sounds a nut job, yeah you have married a sadist and he's sound dangerous, very dangerous. Move back in with your parents and contact the police.

    Don't hesitate and don't give him any inclination that you intend to move out. Once you leave and he attempts to contact you, ignore it. This guy will tell you that he's really sorry and he doesn't know what came over him just to get you back. Once he accomplishes that the only sorry one will be you. I also guarantee that he's very good a manipulating people, just don't let him manipulate you.

    Everything he has done, everything he has said, in fact all his actions are psychopathic, (Meaning he has no human empathy). You'll end up chained to a bed with him raping you and telling you it's your own fault. Good luck.

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    Best to load up on lub...

  • Anonymous
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    no,,,, but "you" have other issues he may be a jerk but you are making a problem where one should  not exist 

    leads to a question.. do you both deserve each others ? mr and mrs jerk? 

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    It is not rape, cause you did not say no, but that is his fantasy, get more excited when a woman hurts, guys are like that, but to laugh that is being cruel to you, he should let you sleep, move out

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    I didn't see any point that you said "stop", "no", or "don't".

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    If you said "STOP "and he continued on, then yes, he raped you.

    The guy is sadistic to call rough unwanted penitration and especially sodomy "punishment". 

    You are married to a monster. And NO, NOT NORMAL behavior.

    You seem very naive to even be questioning yourself if being raped is normal. When anyone gets pleasure... ESPECIALLY sexual pleasure by hurting someone who is brought to tears in pain, is someone you should kick out of your life.



    LEAVE HIM and find a real man without anger issues and aman who will respect you, not rape you while laughing as he causes you pain .

    Certainly you cannot HATE yourself that much to put up with his bullshit abuse for another day.

    if you stay with him, you are ASKING to be mistreated, raped, laughed at and abused.

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    If you said no, it is rape.

    If you did not say no, it may be rape.

    If you consented and made no protest, it is not rape (just unusual).

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    did you enjoy it , either yes or no , only you know the answer ..level of enjoyment says if it is rape or not , some women like it fast and some dont . thats if you are a woman anonymous or your some freak who gets turn on with these messages .

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    It sounds to me as if you're stuck with a sadistic type of guy who has weird ideas. You weren't actually raped as you had consented to sex although if I were you I'd seriously consider leaving him before it gets worse. 

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    It's perfectly normal behavior and actions. He sounds like a wonderful caring perfectly normal spouse. He also has a wicked sense of humor, and used humor in trying to get you to stop crying, by laughing really loud. What a lucky wife you are or were.

    You wrote: "When I was married to my husband" When, as in past tense

    All three aspects are those of a husband sexually attracted to his wife, and yes he was just over excited.

    If you are no longer married, you can send him my way!

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