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Is fire really the weakest element?

All the other elements air, water and earth either manipulates fire or put it out. Earth is rigid but still earth can put fire out


At User! Fire can't do any of those things without one of those elements present! How will fire evaporate water if there isn't any air? Lmao

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    Where in God's name do you get this stuff?  It's BS pure and simple.  Not only is it BS, but you've got it backwards.  Traditionally in Hellenistic astrology and medieval astrology fire was the STRONGEST element.  Also they used a nearly forgotten technique of determining temperament and if you were melancholic (earth) or phlegmatic (water) you pretty much sucked while the others (fire and air both containing heat) rose to the top.

    Why do people like you make up stuff and then put it on places like this?  A little attention grabbing maybe?  Grow up, and try to learn before you make ridiculous statements.  

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    1 month ago

    It's not all one way (as you describe it).

    For example:

    - yes, air can put out fire...but fire ***burns*** the oxygen in air, and a wind can increase the strength of a fire ("fan the flames") and spread it more widely

    - yes, earth can put out fire...but earth provides the "body" of things like wood and coal that the fire uses (burns) as fuel

    - yes, water can put out fire...but fire can evaporate water

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