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Name of a Book about captor and captive sort-of- romance?

There were 3 main characters, protagonist girl(i dont remember her name), antagonist guy(his name could be damien, im not sure) and his ex wife /ex fiancee abigail who is asexual because ptsd, she also has a brother named damien (not sure but its the same name as the antagonist) who killed her attackers who were his friends. The book has chapters in their POVs, So antagonist guy meets protagonist girl and she stays with him and abigail for some reason, they are in the process of getting a divorce, she has a mental illness and feels it worsening because her meds ran out and from hearing about abigail's past. So she tells antagonist guy about this and he is like lol me too, he knocks her out and restrains her in the shed. He lied to abigail that she left. Abigail wonders why he spends too much time in the shed and found her locked there,abigail releases her and tells her that she's leaving for her father's place, then she encounters him and snaps at him for treating protagonist girl inhumanely, he ignores her tho and tries to find protagonist, he does n he explain her that he had bipolar mania the whole time n that he loved her. Seems like she loved him too and forgives him, in the end they got married. As for abigail, her father got her married to a clergyman who vowed to be celibate (which she doesnt know) and abigail also overcomes her bad past and gets remarried

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    The Stockholm Syndrome.

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    Ugh. I hate these type of stories as they give an utterly distorted view on healthy relationships - and might lead young girls to confuse controlling, abusive behaviour, and even rape with love and romance. And yes, like Anonymous said: Stockholm Syndrome.

    Anyway, do you remember where you read the story? Wattpad, Amazon etc.? If you do then it could help you narrow down the search. If it's not that long since you read it, you might also be able to find it in your browser history.

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