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How do I manage my stress/emotions when it comes to fighting with my husband?

My husband and I frequently argue about anything. Our children think it's always about stupid things that are not worth arguing about. I have developed high blood pressure. It is stage one. How do I stop myself from getting provoked by what he said or vice versa? I run the risk of a heart attack. My husband knows this and yet he provokes me too so we end up arguing again and my blood pressure rises. It's like unpreventable.  I need to get myself out of here or I will end up getting sicker.   

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    You decide that, unless it's going to matter in 3 weeks time... it's probably simply doesn't matter. My husband and I used to bicker and fight like other couples that vie for power.... it's just about took us out. And then we grew weary of the fighting but wanted to retain the marriage. EVERYTHING has greatly improved once we decided to accept that basic reality; if it won't matter three weeks from now? It's not important enough to fight about. 

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    I have felt that avoiding fighting in the first place is a good idea. Occasionally they happen.  I remember one in 2020 and there was another argument five years earlier or so.  No one "provokes you".  You LET yourself be provoked and fixing that fixes your problem.

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         It sounds like you have underlying problems but if you won't go to counseling then you won't find a solution until something more serious happens. The children probably can't see it either. It takes some digging. If you get the chance read a book called "adult children of alcoholics' I'm not saying your family has alcoholic problems but I am saying as you read the book look for how the child carries the problems to adulthood. Another is "The Child Within".Contemplate what it means to the child within you to fight and find someone who loves you disagreeing all the time. Then seek to comfort that child. The good thing is that you care enough to get angry. The other option is to try to not give a rip. But there are drawbacks to that too. Good Luck, Grampa B

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    Let's see: you have two options, maybe three: 

    1. Go to marriage counseling. At least you will have satisfied yourselves that you have tried everything, including professional help.

    2. Leave the marriage and save your life.

    3. Remain and have a very short, unhappy life span.

    Which do you prefer to choose? 

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    YOU will have to learn not to engage. 

    The moment you or he do not agree 

    about something, whatever it is, you 

    have to stop and take time to calm 

    down -- you don't have to give in 

    to whatever the issue, just tell him 

    that you will resume the discussion 

    when the two of you can talk calmly. 

    If he won't let you do that and/or you 

    can't disengage, then it seems that 

    something more drastic might be 

    needed... like therapy, separation, 

    or even divorce. 

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    2 months ago

    Any chance you and your husband can have a sit down together and explain that you literally fear dying because of the fights and that you need to have more understand of each other

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    I also had same problem. 

    Such matter was solved after i started daily gym. 

    By hard muscle weight training, stresses  are all move away.

    Also daily take buckwheat to improve blood pressure matter.

    Also i do like to ask you just follow your husband opinions bc your husband also want to keep good marriage. 

    Currently i never fight with my wife last 10 years duration. I try to just follow her opinion or wait till wife find right opinion. 

    Sometimes,  i just follow her opinion even i expect some economical loss bc love and happy life with wife is more important. 

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