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Can someone explain servers to me?

I done a little bit of programming in objective c and Im trying to learn more currently. What is a server and is a server made by using a programming language as well? Thanks.

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    A server is a computer or system that provides resources, data, services, or programs to other computers, known as clients, over a network. In theory, whenever computers share resources with client machines they are considered servers. 

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    In plain words the server is just big computer.It has for example 10 main processors,2 Tbs of memory,10 graphical processors.and so on.It means the same that you have inside your computer but in multiplication.

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    Your computer is a general purpose computer.  In physical terms, the difference between a server and a general computer is probably limited to extra network ability, extra memory (RAM), extra disk ability, OR extra software.

    A general purpose computer is a "jack of all trades" but some things it doesn't do as well as other things.  A server is really just a slightly enhanced (and I DO mean "slightly") computer that will, based on the software loaded to it, focus on one type of activity or purpose.

    For instance, a computer that is on the network and set up for sharing, and that has SQL Server loaded to it, becomes a database server.

    A computer that is on the network and has extra large disk drives - but no special software other than the operating system itself - will probably become a file server.

    A computer that is on the network and has extra disk and network interfaces and a package like IIS or Apache will probably become a web server.

    A computer that is on the network and has some extra disk and some extra RAM will probably be a time-sharing server.

    Depending on a lot of factors, even a very ordinary Windows machine can be a server in some cases.  Remember there are such things as Windows Home & Windows Pro.  Well, add one more to that - Windows Server.

    If you load up a computer with Windows Server and some special software, it almost immediately becomes a server for that software.  But that computer could very well have started as a desktop system.

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    A server is simply another name for a computer.  They call it a server as is "serves" something.  For example, it might store files for cooperative work.  Then it would be referred to as a file server.  It's becoming more common to create virtual servers now.  That is, you might see one hardware computer with several server names, as it is running several virtual machines in one case.  I don't doubt that servers use software created with programming languages.  You wouldn't program a server though.  

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    A "server" is any program that accepts commands or requests from another program and responds with data or actions.

    A web server is, in essence, sent a line of text that asks for a file from a specific directory, and it sends that back.

    The Client is the program than makes the requests and uses the replies.

    eg. Search this on Google:

    "simple web server tiny.c"

    You should get a result from the site - that page has the C source for a minimal but working web server.  All in one not too large page.

    A database server takes a request for a data record.

    An email server takes command to list the emails a user has and send whichever are requested; plus talking to other email servers as either client or server, depending which starts the connection.

    A "server" computer is just one that is dedicated to running some server programs.

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    Same programming language might run on a server.  It is just encapsulated or run from another process.  The process can be a standalone process or integrated into a web server process to allow it to execute. 

    Anything that actually executes can be turned into a server process.

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