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If you can make alot of money in business then why people are studying nursing/engineering?

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    To "make a lot of money in business" you have to start out with a lot of money.  To be employed as a nurse or an engineer is a way of getting some money in the first place.

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    To make a lot of money in business you need an idea for a product or service that people want. It can be absolute garbage as long as people are stupid enough to want it. No one got rich  over estimating the intelligence of the general public.

    Then you need to commit 18+ hrs a day to the business and then some good luck on top of that. 

    Then you need to say the right things so the stock market thinks you’ve got a great company even if it’s losing trillions and finally sell a big chunk of the company when the share price is absurdly high.

    Most people don’t have the original ideas and even more want some life outside of their work, rather than work ridiculous hours in the slim hope their company will one day be the next Microsoft or Amazon.

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    not everybody is only interested in making money

    suppose you became VERY rich - how would all that money actually benefit you?

    e.g can you drive more than 1 car at a time?

    Personally I dont have ANY car- when I need one I phone and hire whatever I need and can get it to me in an hour

     NO worries about insurance, maintenance or all the other things you have to worry about when you OWN a car

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    I find the happiest is when I make 'enough' money, and can enjoy my leisure time and hobbies. Sure, I made more when I had my own business, but I didn't enjoy myself with all the issues money brings.

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    You can make a lot of money being a professional athlete, so why study business?

    What percentage of people can be a professional athlete?

    What percentage of people with business degrees make a lot of money?

    What percentage of people with an engineering degree make more than a comfortable living?

  • Money doesn't equate to happiness. There's also competition to consider

  • Anonymous
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    alot--> a lot

    Because they want to do something useful instead of cheating/exploiting people

  • Why do you presume that making as much money as possible is the goal for most people?  Most people just want to have a comfortable life where they can work a job that appeals to them and have personal time that will permit them to pursue their own private ambitions.

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