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My computer shut down for no reason and the time changed?

Some context: My computer apparently got a virus beginning with T. I did some research and I think it's the Trojan Virus. 

I then switched from Chrome to Brave Browser, a 'Trojan free' platform, and I had no hijacking problems anymore. 

I also installed Malwarebytes and ran some scans and deleted viruses that came up during the scan. I scanned again and now the scan says there is no malware anymore. 

Despite there being apparently no virus, the Trojan virus still won't let me access many websites on Chrome. But since I use Brave now, it's alright. 

There's still a problem though.Recently my computer has been shutting down of its own accord, and my charger will also stop working as soon as it shuts down. I have to plug it in again. And the other thing is, my time will ALWAYS change to the 1/1/2018 and I have to reset it myself. I think it's because of the virus and I'm just wondering what I should do about it?


Extra info: My computer is an Apple Macbook Air, so yes a laptop. Problem is that it's an old laptop, from 2015. New Macbooks have been made, and thus new chargers. It's really difficult to buy a new charger since they don't make them anymore. I'm sure there are second-hand ones on Amazon, eBay etc, but that may not help since they aren't brand new. My battery lasts a while, my computer doesn't shut down due to not being charged, it has to be something else. I'm just worried it's too old to fix.

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  • keerok
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    There are viruses and there are trojans. Both are different forms of malware and your antivirus should be able to take care of both.

    Shutting down by itself can be caused by overheating. Try to observe if that is what is happening. If it is and if this is a desktop, use a vacuum cleaner or a blower to remove dust from inside the computer. Concentrate on the fans, especially the one on the processor. One thing though. If it has been overheating for some time now, there might be damaged parts already. The most common are blown capacitors. Look for those cylindrical towers jutting up from the motherboard. If the tops are cracked or domed shaped, they're busted. You can have them replaced at a computer repair shop. 

    If it's a laptop, you really must use a laptop cooler already. Make sure the vents under and around the laptop aren't blocked when you are using it. When the palmrest on the keyboard is hot, shut down at once and rest to cool down. Laptops aren't meant to work continuously for long hours.

    If it's not overheating then suspect another virus that Malwarebytes failed to detect. The problem is if Malwarebytes has been infected itself, it's already useless. The best way to check for malware is to boot from another source (USB, CD/DVD) and run the antivirus from there.

    The charger (so it's a laptop?) not working after a shutdown is irregular. That's another reason why your computer may not be staying on for long. One way to check if the charger is the problem is to borrow a similar one to test with your computer. If your computer stays on for long then your charger is the culprit. If you can't borrow one, you can buy a replacement as a last resort.

    The time resetting every boot is caused by a discharged CMOS battery. This can be caused by a faulty charger. If the charger is indeed the cause then your laptop shouldn't be charging although it will work when plugged in (but in your case, only for a short time). Consider buying a replacement charger as your first option then. 

    Before replacing the CMOS battery, try using the new charger first. If the laptop charges normally, the CMOS battery might still work. If the date sticks every time you boot for the next few days, then there's no need to replace the CMOS battery. If it needs replacement, you will have to pry open your laptop. It's usually a coin-type battery. If you're not sure about it, have the service center do it for you. Better safe than sorry.

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