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Is it bad that I enjoy getting angry?

Almost every little thing makes me angry, I have very little patience and hate people and just about everything. I’m a very negative person by nature, and don’t remember the last time I’ve been happy or in a good mood. For this reason I’ve chosen to remain single and lonely for my whole life as I don’t want to expose potential spouses or friends to my ugly personality. However, being angry makes me feel like I’m dominant and king of the world, and I like feeling dominant. I’ve been to several therapists and psychologists and my personality still hasn’t changed. So I’ve just accepted that this is who I’ll be for my whole life, and I don’t see anything wrong with it. Whether I live a happy positive life or an angry miserable life, I’ll eventually die one day anyway. Is this wrong?

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    i think it is and maybe you should get some help for that

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