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If I eat a cereal with a high(ish) sugar content, then will it still be more filling if I added fruit to it?

Every time I've eaten cereal before it's always made me starving again very quickly afterwards, I bought some Shreddies yesterday to come with an online shop today, I know they're fairly high in sugar but according to a lot of people they're very filling too?

Either way, will they still be more filling with fruit?


My mother eats fruit n fibre which is high in fibre, comes with pieces of fruit in and is also high in sugar, yet she says that that fills her up, so I thought adding sugar would do the same for me.

Update 2:

Sorry, the above update should say "so I thought adding fruit would do the same for me"...

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    Sounds like filling isn't the issue; sustaining is.  You need the food to sustain you for a while.  Fruit isn't very likely to help with that.  If you want sustaining food, packaged cold cereal is not a good bet, no matter what you do to it.  But upping the protein and fat content might help.

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