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Sad Story, and Immigration Fraud Question?

Long story, greatly condensed:

Married a girl overseas, we were married for about 6 years

I sponsored her for a “green card”

She had her final interview at the U.S. Embassy

Right after that, I learned:

- She only married me to get a green card

- She has a daughter she never told me about

- She was cheating on me

I reported her to USCIS for immigration FRAUD, and filed for divorce.

Our divorce was finalized. At the moment our divorce was finalized, she had never set foot in the United States at all.

Now, when sponsoring the girl who used to be my wife for a green card, I was told that I would be financially responsible for supporting her in the United States for 10 years, and divorce would not relieve me of that responsibility.


The divorce was after immigration fraud was reported...and both the divorce and the report of immigration fraud were long before the green card was issued. Also:

She is getting ready to marry another United States citizen in Georgia soon. I know this as she and I had lots of friends in common, so I hear things...

Now, I have not been asked to spend any money to support my ex-wife. But I’m curious to know if I’d still be on the hook for her expenses? She was not granted alimony or anything else in the divorce. Could I get out of paying for her if I can prove that she committed immigration fraud before the green card was issued? (that would be easy to do) Or if that doesn’t work, wouldn’t her NEW husband be responsible for supporting her now?

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    For  a situation like this, an annulment might have been better.  That recognizes that the marriage was illegal - made under false pretenses by one (or both) parties.  That way, there are no support payments required, because it makes it as if the marriage never happened.

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    You are liable for only that money the government would pay her, i.e. welfare.  The government wants to be kept whole for your bad decisions.   The fact that she is coming into the USA with a different sponsor, has to mean that the government recognizes your sponsorship has been canceled.  He has made the same deal as you.  

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    i would talk to a lawyer about it

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