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Can someone explain why therapists gaslight me? It’s consistent enough to be a tactic?

I’m often times influential from reality. However whenever I’m in a crisis others, especially therapists try to gaslight me.

The more I ask them to stop the more they do it.

The consequence is I lose even more of my sense of reality which hurts me.

It’s clear tho they think it should be helping me.

So I’m asking someone educated in this field what is this gaslighting supposed to be doing and why is it fraying my psyche instead?

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    They may feel your sense of reality isn't what it should be or it is off kilter from the norm & they feel the need to alter your sense of reality so you can see the true reality.  You may be blinded by events in your life that has cause a weird sense of reality & getting you back on track in a real reality is necessary for your treatment.  Some people see the positive & some people see the negative.  An altered sense of reality may be your biggest problem & they are trying to get you back on track to a healthier sense of reality.  The game of life is as complex as the human mind.  Don't fight them, they are trying to help you.  Maybe not in the way you think they should.  They are the professionals, not you.  You need their help.

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