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Is there a word for doing a physical task without visual clues?

You know the moment when you do something consciously, but without looking, even if you've never done it before. A bit like muscle memory but without the memory aspect. 

The best example I can think of is, you have never braided your hair before, but you see a picture of a cool braid. So you figure out how it's done in your head and then do it on your own head using your imagination to guide how it looks. If that makes sense. Or like, your playing chess and you use your imagination to see how all the moves will go so you can keep a winning position. 

I keep thinking that there's a word for it, but searches only find 'intuition' and 'muscle memory' both of which don't indicate the conscious activity I'm detailing. You know? I'm thinking it's something like 'seeing things logically' or something, but like, only one or two words?

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    The visual clue/cue is the instructions on how to do the braid.  From memory of what you read is what is guiding you to do the braid.  Like I can look at a piece of macrame & know exactly how to do it cause I have done it so many times before.  Conditioned to the do makes it an automatic action.  Some people couldn't do what you did.  Yet some do it all the time.  Don't know the word you are looking for.

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    2 months ago

    Yes... Winging it.

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    I've heard the word 'blind' used that way, or 'blindly' or 'in the blind'.  "I forgot to bring my flashlight, so when I got a flat tire I had to change it blind."  Or 'by touch'.

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