Hard lump on under ear in my neck, on my tonsilluar lymph node?

Unfortunately, i’ve been to the ER 6x with tonsillitis and strep in the last 10 months. I do not smoke, only drink on occasion. I’m a healthy 31 year old. I can not  seem to shake  this. It developed a few months ago and is sending pain down the right side of my jaw and neck. My throat swells, my jaw cracks when I yawn, I can’t bend my neck and my ear constantly aches from the rock. I have sciatica on the same side but i’m sure it’s unrelated. Doctors will not give me scans, just keep saying it’s normal. I have normal bloodwork. Have to get tonsils out in 2 weeks. Looking for second opinions? Anyone with Cyst, tumor, lymphoma have these? I see a hematologist next month, but just like my PCP and ENT I feel like they’ll overlook it too. Any suggestions on how to get a scan? I’m in so much pain.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Wait. you have surgery in 2 weeks, that may give you some answers.

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