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Why do a lot of modern PC games take forever to load even on a fast PC?

I have a pretty fast gaming machine but I notice there are games I bought on steam like Gears 5, Microsoft Flight Sim (2020 version) and Horizon Zero Dawn take longer than a minute to load.

My PC rig:

1TB NVME for OS and two 4TB Samsung SSD 

i7 6700k

ROG motherboard

32gb DDR4 RAM

850 EVGA Power Supply

GTX 1080

Coolermaster air cooler

Thermaltake Tower

Blu-Ray writer

Windows 10 pro (latest build)

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    Having games saved to either your C:drive or D:drive will make a difference. Your C:drive should be much fast and should load games almost instantly. You D:drive has more room but is slower. The more games and files you save to your C:Drive the slower your overall performance will be. Of course, any game that has to use an external launcher outside of steam will take longer since It has to communicate to steam, then to the Outside Launcher, then communicate back to steam before it can load up. That part depends on the games themselves.

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    Idk either I wish it took early 

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    Your graphics card is woefully inadequate for the kind of performance you are seeking.  If you didn't drop hundred or thousands on just the card, then you get what you pay for.

    I built a custom PC in my music studio, and I rely on it's performance heavily...I spent $15,000 on it to give you an idea.

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