What is the benefits in getting an external GPU for my laptop?

I am thinking of getting an external graphics card enclosure and a GeForce GTX 1660 graphics card to put inside the enclosure. My laptop supports usb-c so there's no problem in that regard. What are the benefits and how much of  a difference will it make? My current graphics card installed in my laptop is a GeForce GTX 1050 and It's pretty much impossible to remove as you would know. I have a 500GB SSD and 16GB RAM that helps with the tasks I do on my laptop but it's not enough especially when I games and watch sports. 

For an optional question to answer, what will happen to my current graphics card if I do get a external one? Will they both work at the same time or what?

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  • 7 days ago

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    1 month ago

    If you can't figure out what the benefits of having a more powerful external graphics is, then maybe you don't need one. Somethings are just too F'ing obvious 

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