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How do I move up at Amazon?

I just started at Amazon about 2/3 weeks ago. And honestly, I’m already over it. It’s so monotonous. I do picking and I really hate that I’m standing there for 11 hours doing the same thing like a machine. The pay and benefits are good so I’m not trying to leave but I really don’t like what I do there. My manager said I was doing better than most newcomers and that I’m progressing quickly but what does that mean at Amazon? When will you be allowed to do something else? How do I move up and quickly?

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  • Selling your soul to the Democratic party is a good start. You picked the wrong time to get a job with bullies against the First Amendment. 

  • You're not going to move up after only being there for 2-3 weeks. 

    They're calling you a fast learner, you pick things up quicker then other new people. Which is good for them because Amazon needs people that can pick orders quickly. At that company you have to meet a certain number of lines or orders per hr. If you're not keeping up with that, then they can let you go. 

    Usually after being at a company for 6 months to a y ear you may be able to move up.

    You have to get by your probation period first and establish your self as a good and reliable employee, that doesn't make a lot of mistakes. If other positions open up, apply for them and let your managers know you're interested. 

    If you can't imagine your self being there for that long, it maybe time to look for another job. Don't stay at a job you hate just for the benefits. Unless you like your job and the company, you're probably not going to be there for very long. 

    I've been a picker packer for over 5 years, but not for Amazon. I love my job and the company I work for treats us very well.

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    You want to take Bezos' job or something?

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It's good your manager is praising you already, but you need to slow your roll.  They hired you because they have a need for a picker, and in exchange for your pay and benefits, your part of the agreement is to do the job.  The best way to rise in any corporation is to do your current job well, never complain to your manager, and if you have an idea that might improve efficiency, suggest this.  But after only a couple weeks, you need to chill.  It takes time to advance and prove yourself.  Later down the road, like a year or so, if you're ever in a situation where you're chatting with the manager, you could ask some general questions, but it's way too soon to do that now.

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    2 months ago

    This is what you signed up for. I can't imagine they will give you a different position anytime soon.  Maybe a few years.

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