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Having an existential crisis. I need advice?

I’m having an existential crisis. We are mortal and will die one day. Once we die, I don’t believe in any sort of after life. We just vanish from existence. 

I have panic attacks twice a week thinking about this. The fear is so immense. I have never been so scared in my entire life than when I think about how our lives come to an end at some point. 

Does anyone have advice on a new perspective I can work on in order to not live in fear and have panic attacks??

I want to deal with this problem head on, so please don’t advice I just “don’t think about it” because I want to work through this rather than avoid it

Also no religious (like God related) comments please because it will be of no help to me


I don’t really understand why people are calling me a troll. I’m not. Someone really close to me passed away from heroin, and since then I’ve been confused and scared about how he could just be living and then not living for infinity. I really need help and tips on how to perceive death as not a terrifying thing 

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    Lemme give you an example, I was going on a hike a little while back, and I... well, I hate exercise. I spent the whole time thinking about when the hike was going to be over. It was a two hour hike and because of my mindset, all of the beauty and amazing memories I could have made were thrown away. If I had just stopped to look around, the whole experience would have been better. From time to time you just have to stop. That seems hard, it is in the beginning but stop and force yourself to find beauty in the little things. That’s my advice.

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    It is definitely frightening when one think about death. But your true fear is that you cease to exist once you are dead.

    I believe life, of any kind, is suffering. And that only by not existing do we not suffer. Just think, if you don’t exist, how can you suffer? What is there to suffer? It is only by our existence that we suffer. 

    And example: Not to be loved is suffering. But to be loved and to love someone is also suffering because ultimately that person will one day be gone too. It is true that our unhappiness don’t last but neither does happiness. 

    That is why you should live your life as best as you can and hope that death is permanent. It is the constant up and down, happiness and unhappiness, that is true sufferings.

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    There is a special place that everyone goes to when they die. I'm not being religious or talking about God or whatever. I just believe that everything that has been experienced is too precious to just disappear for good. It would all be so pointless. You might say that life is pointless, but everything has a point. Meaning is built into the fabric of existence and it will always be so and nothing is wasted so don't despair. Your friend is definitely happier wherever he or she is.

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    I think you're right to be terrified.  It is terrifying.  It doesn't bear thinking about.  And there is no solution in any rational thought. So where does that leave us?  Terrified.  Perhaps the most wise advice IS not to think about it.  Love helps too, a lot.  Finally, do remember, though it may not quell any terror, that when the lights do go out, you no longer have any memory of what you have lost or what has happened.  They say, "well, he's a peace now".  That is right.  I just hope I don't find that peace this particular day -

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    If that's what's going to happen, when you're dead . . . . . YOU WON'T KNOW IT!

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    1 Grow up.

    2 Realize that everything dies, you included. 

    3 Panicking will not change 2.

    What is there to work out? Youre going to die someday, get over it. So tired of wimpy dipshits who have panic attacks over every little thing. Stop being babies and act like adults. I know this is just a troll, but my god, what a tard.

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    I don't understand your panic, no one lives forever.  It sounds like you want there to be life after death but don't want to do the work to investigate whether there is a chance that this may be true.  You have a choice you can either enjoy living your life or ruin it by living in fear of dying.  You have no control over dying you only have control over living and what you do in this life.  

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    You should focus more on the time you are alive rather than dwelling on your eventual death.

    Worrying about being dead is wasted life.

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    you are a blueface troll seeking some kind of validation for your preconceived position........ you are not open to any honest "advice"...... so I will not offer any

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    Why would someone going through an existential crises would ask a question about it on Yahoo Answers, and especially in the 'Religion & Spirituality' section, and would specify not to put anything 'God related' in the comments? It seems to me that you're a Christian and trying to fear-monger Atheists with your hypothetical scenario.

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    You would probably get better answers if you put this in the Philosophy section (under Arts and  Humanities). By typing "God" and "afterlife", it automatically came here. So, click on "edit" and then click on "edit category".

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