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Hand goes numb whenever I use my phone.?

Ok so weird but whenever I use my phone for too long my pinky finger gets this weird cold pressure and starts to loose feeling. I can’t really move it, if I do I’m not in any control. Over time my entire left side of my right hand goes numb. This has been happening for years so I just kinda accepted it but I feel like asking if it’s bad.

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    You are reducing blood flow and pinching the nerves that go to the finger due to the way you hold your phone.

    You are creating a type of repetitive strain injury.  Because you keep your hand in the same position for an extended period of time - repeating the same basic motions over and over - you are creating a repetitive injury.

    BTW - people who play video games for several hours per day can also develop these kinds of injuries.  

    Read this article:  

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    Our hands aren't meant to sit in the phone holding position so doing so for an extended period of time, depending on the position, could cut off blood flow and also end up warping your hand/finger. If you're holding it in the way I think you are, stick out your pinky finger and look at the first knuckle that's holding the tip of your finger to the rest of it. You'll probably notice that there's a dip there. Yeah, that's not supposed to be like that and it's because of how we hold our cell phones. 

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    It time for serious exercise and stay off the handicap device to get the blood circulation going again.

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