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Do y'all think eazy e might have had another daughter in North Carolina ?

 This'll probably sound crazy. the thing is my best friend looks like him quite a bit. Their features are similar but she has white blood in her so her nose is thinner. Their scowl matched to a tee. Even their voices are similar. The craziest thing is she has more in common with this man than her own parents. She's done research and watches ALL his interviews. For example she loves fingerless gloves and shades and he always wore them both. He rough housed and played with people all the time and she used to be that way. She has the same free spirited don't give af attitude. He hated his hair messed up so does she. She loves big shirts and jackets so did he. He talked smack so does she and he was funny as is she. She also wears dark bomber jackets. There was a way he kind of let his hand dangle limply and she does too. He loved women, she's man crazy has been since she was a kid. She was born in Raleigh NC in 1991 at Wake med hospital...maybe NWA had performances in NC who knows. She's kind of weirding me out with this talk but it's how she feels. Oh and he also had a tiny mole over his left or right eye so does she 

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    2 months ago

    None of these things you mention can positively identify this woman as the daughter of the man you mentioned. She needs to take a DNA test, and get him to do the same. That is the only way she will know if they are related or not.

  • 2 months ago

    DNA test is the place to start.

    All the items you mention are essentially moot.

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