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Is there anyway to cure or decrease my tics disorder?

Hi. So my tics are shoulders, neck jolts to wrists twisting with noises sounds like clicking, grunting/coughing or moaning perhaps. I would get urge feelings feel like pressure building up just like a itch, if I compress my tics I end up ticing more extreme than I normally would have if I would have tic when I need to. My tics are so tiring and I feel embarrassed of them that I try my best to compress them when in public but that lead to making me more tired. - I take medication but I feel it effecting me, are there any cure or best strategies in decreasing my tics a efficiently? I feel like I have tried everything and nothing work.

Sorry for my english.


Strategies without meds

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    Your brain is intoxicated with heavy metals and chemicals. Call the Sophia health institute for a nearby practiconier. 

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