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Can I live without a Urethra?

Hi I am not going to go into too many details but basically 17 hours ago I was in the kitchen cooking up a mayonnaise sandwich when suddenly I noticed a stick insect on the corner of the window. Then I had a fantastic idea.... SO not to go into too much detail, but I inserted the stick insect directly into my urethra and it struggled for 32 minutes before eventually succumbing to the sweet release of death. Man it feels SO GOOD.

SO. I can't pee anymore. it has been 17 hours and no ppee.l SAOon it is going to be too much and I will need to pee? Maybe I can add a tap directly to my bladder. If I do that then frankly what purpose does my necrotic urethra really serve? It is turning black and bulging like a rotten fruit so I don't think it is going to come back from this final adventure. Do I actually need a urethra to live or can I do without it?

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    Mental illness only gets worse..

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    --  This is a bad troll.

    --  Yes, there are people on dialysis who do not urinate.  They have the waste material and fluids removed during the dialysis.

    Source(s): A person on dialysis, but still urinating slightly.
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    That is the stupidest trolling I've seen on here in a long while.

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    At least you are a creative troll.

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