Dream interpretation help?

There’s a girl my age (24) who I highly admire but have never spoken to. Last night I dreamed that I flew to another state, and then went to a shopping mall. It was crowed in the main hallway, but I saw her walking by and called out her name. She turned around, smiled at me and then came over and spoke to me. As soon as the conversation started, I noticed that I was suddenly shirtless. She didn’t mention or seem to notice it as we talked. She was friendly when we spoke. Then I woke up. 



1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Your dream means that in a sense you were finally showing her your true feelings and your heart.  Before, you had admired her from a distance.  When she came over to speak with you, you were able to engage with her in conversation.  You took your hidden feelings for her, and let them show.  Very sweet dream!

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