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Why do a lot of my questions I want answers for go unanswered?

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    Some reasons questions don't get any/many answers are:

    *The site has far fewer users than it did years ago

    *They are posted at low YA user times of day or days of week (esp holidays)

    *They are posted in low activity categories

    *They are poorly worded or not understandable/gibberish

    *They are complex and not many would know the answer

    *They don't interest the people who saw them

    *They are trolling, spamming, or aren't questions (but statements or requests)

    *They are posted by a user wanting someone else to do their homework

    *They are posted in the wrong category or not the best category to get good answers

    *Some users refuse to reply to a question posted by a user using the Anonymous feature

    *Your question is only visible to you due to it being hung in the spam filter (log out of your account OR try viewing your question in another browser in which you aren't logged in to your YA account. If you can see the question, then it's fine. If you can't, then go into it and move it to another category, then back where it belongs. Check it again with a non-logged in account. Once you can see it, you can feel sure others can see it too).

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    2 months ago

    Examples would help since your under Anonymous I cant see what you been Asking 

    I can only Assume they are Dear Abby type Questions or Chat a lot of people Avoid Answering those 

    If you Update your Question and give us some Information about some of the Questions that you have Asked we may be able to give you a more Specific Reason why its not being Answered 

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    Either no one knows the answer, you're asking the wrong questions, or your questions don't make enough sense, probably. It doesn't help to ask anon either, as no one can go to your profile and view your questions to potentially answer them. I personally try to answer any questions I know the answer to, and even one's I at least have some idea about. 

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