Which of the following is not caused entirely or partially by human activities?


A. The greenhouse effect

B. Global warming

C. Ozone

D. Smog

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Ozone occurs naturally.

    The greenhouse effect occurs naturally (e.g., Venus).

  • 2 months ago

    The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon so is not anything man makes.  Man can cause the conditions where it will happen, but the phenomenon itself is not caused by man.  Just like fire: we don't make the things burn, we just make the conditions where burning will happen.  Man is not making the fire do its thing, we are just providing the conditions where it can do that thing. Same with Greenhouse effect.  Or electricity, we do not "cause" electricity, we make conditions where electrical flow occurs.

    Climate change or global warming, though, can be caused by man because we make the conditions that allow for greenhouse effect to occur more than it otherwise would, and thus the result is due to man's actions, at least in part.

    We create global warming, ozone, and smog as a direct or indirect result of our activities.  The greenhouse effect is the mechanism that produces the warming, but we do not make the greenhouse effect itself. It exists.  We only have input into how powerful it might be.

  • 2 months ago

    Ozone exists naturally in a layer of the atmosphere and helps protect earth from harmful levels of ultra-violet light. It is possible to create ozone in small quantities but the existence of the ozone layer is a product of nature, not human activity. Human actions have damaged the ozone layer but banning certain chemicals a few years ago is allowing it to begin to slowly recover.

    While the earth's atmosphere has always reflected some heat radiated from the earth (the Greenhouse Effect), the expression 'greenhouse effect' was coined to describe increased levels of heat retention that resulted in measurable temperature changes on the surface of the earth or in the oceans. All the evidence suggests that human activity is contributing to the 'greenhouse effect'.

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