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amazon fire stick not working ?

1. Shut down your own Fire TV device by plugging out the cable from the micro-USB slot of the device, or by switching off the power adapter the USB power adapter.

2. Ensure that the AAA batteries in the remote are fresh and working.

3. Factory re-set the remote by pressing Home Button, Back button and Left button on the wheel simultaneously (together, at the same time) for 25 seconds.

4. Now, remove the AAA batteries from the remote.

5. Switch on your Fire TV device and wait for the Home Screen to appear (Note: If the device is not yet set-up, wait for the “Remote pairing setup” screen to appear).

6. Insert AAA batteries now (Note: Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly-- both "positives" should be pointing up toward the top of the remote, despite whatever the battery insertion markings might indicate).

7. Now leave the remote in close proximity of the device and wait for 60 seconds.

8. If the remote doesn’t pair in the previous step, press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds to make it discoverable, and then keep the remote in close proximity of the device again for 60 seconds. The device should pair now within 60 seconds.

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