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My son with autism is obsessed with this cartoon character?

Hello. We're having an issue with my autistic son being severely obsessed with this cartoon character named "Stewie" from the Cartoon Network television series "Family Guy." He spends hours watching "Family Guy" related videos on YouTube, browses pictures of Stewie on Google Images, has pictures of Stewie on his binder (for schoolwork), draws pictures of him, and carries a plush toy of him around in public (I purchased this for him back before I knew he was gonna go too far with this). He's asked me if he could bring his plush toy to school, I tell him that he is too old to do this and he needs to start acting more mature than he acts now (for his age). He tries to hold his Stewie plush toy while doing his homework, but I don't allow that. I also suspect his obsession is causing him to receive bad grades in school, he's received all "Ds" except for his social skills class (with an "F") so far. I spoke with his teachers regarding his IEP, and his special ed teachers say they think using the plush toy would help him. I feel this will only make him look silly and will cause him to be bullied and hurt frequently.

If this were my daughter, I'd be ok with all of this (regardless of her age), but I'm definitely not going to let my son fool around over a cartoon character!

And no, I'm not worried about him becoming gay, I'm worried about him being mocked in public as he ages with an immature personality (I'm trying to protect him).

What do you guys think?

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    Your son sounds like he has more than Autism going on, if this is a real question. He needs to be evaluated for OCD, among other illnesses. Fixating the way he has on something like a cartoon character is a warning sign of this condition. Regular therapy and medication to help him control his impulses will help him.

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    This rambling mess, yet you don't even mention how old your imaginary child is. Try harder 

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